Publix Apron Cooking School

I head over to the local Publix to find out what the Apron's recipe is for the week.

publix-logoThere are some days when I simply do not know what to make for dinner. Sometimes, to get ideas, I head over to the local Publix to find out what the Apron’s recipe is for the week. All in one spot you can see an in-store demonstration, sample the dish and pick up the recipe and all of the ingredients to make it. This makes it very convenient. Last year, with some friends, I discovered that Publix also has a cooking school.

Actually, there are five schools in the United States, Atlanta, Tampa, Boca Raton, Sarasota, and Jacksonville. Located in Mandarin, the Publix Apron’s Cooking School offers hands-on, demonstration, couples, and kids cooking classes almost every day of the month. Famous chefs such as Paula Deen and others have come to demonstrate their culinary talents. Basic knife skills and other techniques are taught to those who want to enhance their abilities in the kitchen.

Registration for the summer classes began on June 15th. Some of the classes fill up fast so if there is one that you really want, be sure to register early. There are day classes for kids, classes just for teens, and even a monthly Girls Night Out. Whether you choose a hands-on class or simply want to watch it demonstrated, the menus are unique and the chefs are very entertaining. The price of the class includes samples of the food prepared as well as the recipes. Wine to complement the menu is provided at most evening classes. You could dine with your spouse, or invite a few friends and have a wonderful dinner and a great time. More information including a calendar of classes can be found at the Publix Web site at, or by calling 904-262-4187.

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