Pirates gain National Attention

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th and a couple of fun-lovin’ Pirates have made a King’s ransome promoting this non-Hallmark (yet) Holiday… Check it out, your local Fernandina Pirates Club gained national recognition on their Web site with the following inclusion:

Fernandina Beach – The Fernandina Pirates Club will descend on the Nassau Council on Aging’s, Eastside Senior Center – (by invitation, mind ye.) “There’ll be plenty of fun to be had and plenty of pirate talk happenin’ this September 19th. Our Club was asked to come out last year to celebrate with them and we pillaged and looted as well as any scurvy crew on the high seas could.” – Aspasia the Promulgater

“Not for nuthin’ wench, but our scurvy crew always talk like pirates. We also dress like pirates, act like pirates, drink like pirates and… oh, you get the picture.

Yours in pirattitude,
The Fernandina Pirates Club”

Go Pirates!!!