Religious Weekend Humor

Sometimes thought provoking, sometimes challenging and other times inviting, Church Marquee slogans in the US are anchored in humor.

Religion in the US is pretty much rooted in every day life

Ever since I arrived in this country 30 years ago I have enjoyed looking at Church Signs and Religious Humor. Clever, inviting and sometimes hard selling, I could drive for hours on a Sunday morning through the Suburbs of Atlanta Georgia  and laugh out loud about the humor displayed, very much contrary to the seriousness of religion in Western Europe. For a while I thought it was typical for the Southern Bible Belt but as I traveled from coast to coast, it turned out to be all around. From New York to California and from Milwaukee to Houston, churches display their advertising messages on marquees, wooden signs and computer guided LED billboards.

In the following 31 photos there are many inspiring, provoking and challenging messages, interspersed with some “Come to Jesus” pictures that typically will illicit an OMG reaction.


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