Row 2 Daytona 2014Calling all gym buffs, rowers, athletes, weightlifters, CrossFit family members! In past years, we have rowed to Houston, rowed to New Orleans, and rowed to St. Joseph, MO. This year, the National Youth Weightlifting Championships will be held in Daytona Beach, FL, on June 12-14!

We have just enough time to squeeze this competition in and help our kids. Would you consider helping us financially support Youth Weightlifting by entering our “virtual” rowing challenge?

This year, Youth Weightlifters will be competing in Daytona… so we have incorporated this destination into our virtual challenge title. This small and extremely straight forward competition started over three years ago with a few local CrossFit gyms and has now grown to include all kinds of rowing participants. We have mom and pops from Missouri, gyms from all over the nation, CrossFit affiliates from Florida and around the country, our CrossFit buddies from Switzerland, and even a request from Guam this year!

Truly, all you need is a C2 Rower, and the ability to send a picture of your final rowing time to our Event Director.

It is that easy! Thank God for your help!

Due to your support over the past 3 years, this charitable rowing competition has grown leaps and bounds! LIFT Florida is the 501(c) 3, you will be “giving” to and enabling you to compete in the challenge. This year we will be offering two separate competitions and many additional ways to give to our young athletes… even if you don’t want to row or compete.

On the competition end of things, we will be hosting:
Our usual 1,000m and 2,000 meter row for time (with appropriate age divisions)
The NEW – WOD event (which will have Rx, Scaled, Teen, and Masters Divisions)

This year, the competition will be shortened to 3 weeks, sandwiched right between the CrossFit Open and the CrossFit Southeast Regionals. Although many of you who have rowed in the past may not live in the Southeast USA, we felt like the timing of our event might be good to help with training for any Regional event.

So that we are crystal clear… the Rowing Division and the WOD Division are two entirely separate divisions, within this years event. If a person would like to enter both divisions, they certainly can. However, they will need to sign up for each division and pay for each entry. As such, the Rowing Division will receive their own awards… and the WOD Division will receive their own awards.

That said, the TEAM trophy of the Golden Oar will be scored very uniquely! This year, with the NEW and additional format, we will finalize scoring as follows:
Division: Rowing Challenge-
3 Weeks of Rowing. (Week 1-1000m, Week 2-2000m, Week 3-1000m)
Scores must be submitted by Saturday night at midnight.
They will be tallied and ranked on Sunday by noon.
The scores will be sent back to all box owners for publication in their box on Monday
Rowing will be cumulative.
Each week your score will count and be added to the next week

Finishers will be given a point for each placing:
1st = 1 point
2nd = 2 points
3rd = 3 points
etc…on through the entire list of rowing entries

Rower with the lowest points at the end of 3 weeks will win their age group

Division: WOD Challenge – Rx (as Prescribed challenge) or Scaled
WODs will be announced on Facebook: Row 2 Daytona
Week 1: WOD will be a 5 min AMRAP
beginining with a 500m Row for time then complete as many clean and jerks with remaining time.
Rx 165/115
Scaled/Masters 135/95
Teen 95/65.
The 500m row time will be used as a tie breaker.
Week 2 WOD will be a 2000k row for time
Week 3 WOD will be announced April 26th.

After Week 3, scores will be totaled and GREAT prizes from our sponsors will be awarded. Once again, Fashletics and X Training have ponied up as Title Sponsors! Additionally, TEAMs will be rowing for the most “coveted” prize. The Team with the best overall time takes home the Golden Oar Trophy and bragging rights for the year!

Round 1: April 14-19
Round 2: April 21-26
Round 3: April 28-May 3

Compete in Male, Female and Team Categories… Age Groups 19 & Under, Open 20 (20-29), Open 30 (30-39), Master’s (40-54), or the new 55+ OHT (Over the Hill) Division.

Boxes will have a chance to earn FREE GEAR as well!

Boxes and/or gyms with the most participation (i.e., the more athletes that participate), the higher the value of the prizes your box can win!

Each box will receive any one of the following:
10 event registrations = 5 jump ropes for the affiliate (gym) or organization
20 event registrations = 1 set of wood, plastic, or metal rings
30 event registrations = 2 Sandbags
Overall most registrations = a Prowler Push Sled!!!

CrossFit East Box/gym with the best overall averaged time, including all rounds will receive the COVETED “Golden Oar” to display in their gym for the next year.

Current 2013 Golden Oar Champion is CrossFit Acheron. Annually, the the tradition of the Golden Oar is that it will be passed from gym to gym in a ceremonial fashion!

The Affiliate or Gym outside the Florida or CF East Family will receive a SWEET plaque to be displayed with each years Box Winners name engraved within the plaque. Again, plaque will be passed annually to a different box each year.

100% of all monies raised will go toward sending local youth athletes to the USA Weightlifting Youth National Championship in Daytona, FL, June 12-14, 2014.

LIFT Florida, a 501(c)3 nonprofit oorganization, provides assistance with equipment purchase, weightlifting club membership, uniforms, weightlifting shoes and supplies, as well as team travel expenses. For more information, check out our website at or find us on Facebook at

LIFT Florida – Florida’s favorite 501(c) 3 for Weightlifters

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