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RSS in the most custom form

RSS in the most custom form

Ok, so you found one of the “hidden” treasures of SearchAmelia through accident or good detective work. We offer those successful treasure hunters the opportunity to pull an RSS feed or subscribe to the feed based on Categories. Of course you can subscribe to any and all of them but then you’re better off by using one Feed in the top right corner or subscribing to our daily Feedburner News Feed.

If you are specifically interested in receiving only “category” updates from SearchAmelia you can subscribe to or pull any of the below Feeds. Some Feeds also pull the comments from the topic keeping you up-to-date on other people’s views on topics we like to tease our readers with.

For Bloggers that wish to pull feeds from topics they wish to feature on their Blog site, please feel free to do so. Select the category you are interested in (will open in a new window), copy the feed link and place the feed in your RSS Widget on your blog. That’s it. Now you have the latest on SearchAmelia Featured on your Blog site.

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