Sailors Charged with Art Burlary in FernandinaThe following is a press release we received from the Fernandina Beach Police Department:

Fernandina Beach, FL – The Fernandina Beach Police Department has charged two King’s Bay sailors with the May 6th burglary of the Island Art Association, wherein five pieces of art were stolen from the gallery after the offenders kicked in the back door to gain entry.

A break in the case occurred when a witness overheard one suspect bragging about kicking down the door and stealing the works of art. According to the witness, the offender said that (they) had been drinking earlier in the evening and further claimed that the art was currently hanging on his apartment wall. All five pieces of artwork have since been recovered by the Fernandina Beach Police Department and will be returned to the owners as soon as possible. At least one of the items was damaged “beyond repair.”

Detectives coordinated with agents from NCIS at King’s Bay in order to interview those involved and those with knowledge of the incident. Jonathan Ibrahim and Nathan Mendoza will be charged with one count of burglary, one count of grand theft, and one count of criminal mischief, and will also face disciplinary action by the United States Navy.

Ibrahim and Mendoza both confessed to the burglary, stating that they were intoxicated and walking to their parked vehicle when they decided to break into the gallery to steal artwork for their apartment. Ibrahim also offered an apology for his behavior to members of the Island Art Association on Facebook.

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