Scams this holiday season

Scams are all around. People knocking on your front door for donations turn out to thieves. Be alert and always, always check the validity.

Beware of the Scams

Beware of the Scams

It seems like everywhere you look there is someone holding out a bucket or jar, ringing a bell or passing out literature on some need or cause they are collecting money for.  Even the phones have been busy this Christmas season. Callers looking for monetary help with the Police charities, Fl. Highway patrol and this was a first the Volunteer Fire departments, all seeking any of your excess money to benefit their charities.  I was even approached by a couple of young men in a local fast food restaurant a few days ago seeking help for their church.  Busy intersections have been occupied with different not for  profit groups collecting change and this isn’t just on major weekends.  It seems they have been present every weekend for weeks now.

Like most people I get tired of being hit up each time I get out of the car or answer the phone, knowing instantly that the person calling is soliciting but what can you do?¬† I have given this issue¬†considerable thought, on several different levels.¬† First I am not in the business of researching each organization,¬†determining who is legit and who is not.¬†¬†At the end of the day even if they are found ‚Äúas advertised‚Äù that doesn‚Äôt mean all the money gets to where its suppose to.¬† Next I have to assume that these are good people working hard just doing what‚Äôs necessary to support their¬†cause, and who am I to say they’re not?¬† With that being said and limited funds to give, you really have to be selective with who you support and how much.

I have come to the realization that there are times when you just have to smile and politely so no or not today.  There is no reason to make up excuses or pretend your on a cell phone call to avoid confrontation.  There will be those who do not like your response and will try to make you feel guilty but you know that you have the final say, and my advise is to stand by your decision.  You can’t help everyone and every charity, but you can be of assistance to those organizations you are passionate about.  Bottom line don’t stop giving.  It’s the small donations that make a difference, and its still the right thing to do.  If we can lend a helping hand to a fellow man, we should.  Always remember though, charity starts at home.

Mike-AraterUpdate: A couple of days ago we received another Thank You note for pointing out the Nigerian rental scam that has been going on for about 10 months now via Craigslist Rental Advertising.
And it reminds us that scams come in many shapes and forms.

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