SearchAmelia Discusses Website or Social Media

If you were only allowed to take you business online using either a website or a Facebook page, which would you choose?

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Our February SearchAmelia Social Gathering, held at Amelia Hotel at the Beach, turned out to be an intimate evening catching up with one another over good food and adult beverages.

About an hour into the evening Han presented a brief program, Website or Social Media?; here is what you missed:

If you were only allowed to take you business online using either a website or a Facebook page, which would you choose?

Social media is evolving quickly but the originals in the industry included names you may remember such as, Geocities, SixDegrees and a few others. The next “generation” of social media began in 2002 with Friendster, followed by MySpace, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. It is interesting to note that Skype, who began in 2005, now has 700 million users.

Yahoo 360 launched in June of 2005, and then closed its services on July 13, 2009. Google Buzz launched February 2010 and was discontinued December 15, 2022, in favor of Google+. If you had spent the majority of your time and advertising dollars over the years building relationships on MySpace or Google Buzz, you would not be a happy camper!

Can it happen to Facebook? Of course it can!

There are new kids on the block who are avoiding the mistakes of the previous generation of Social Media. Names you should get familiar with such as Formspring, Thrillis and Pinterest. Pinterest is already driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!

You must be in control by owning your own website. Having your own website becomes the nucleus, where Social Media send their referrals to. All other Social Media are just network outposts. You need to own your domain name (URL), have it hosted with a reputable server, and maintained, upgraded and updated by you. Meaningful conversations and transactions are going to happen on your site, at your home base, where you are in control.

If you missed our February meeting, we have another one scheduled for March 21, 2012. Details will come to your inbox soon.

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