SearchAmelia Represents Kenya at Relay for LifeSearchAmelia is gearing up for the Relay for Life event to be held at Main Beach on March 21, 2015.

Keeping with the theme, Hope Around the World, we have chosen Kenya as our country to represent. Kenya had their very first Relay for Life event in 2014!

70 People die of Cancer in Kenya EVERYDAY!

Here is their story:

“Kenya Cancer Association is a volunteer-run umbrella body of individuals (professionals, cancer survivors and members of the public) and organizations who share the commitment to address the cancer problem in Kenya through advocacy public education as well as awareness programs.

The recently enacted National Cancer Prevention and Control Act (2012) is the brainchild of Kenya Cancer Association. Cancer is the third killer disease in the country after infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases. According to Globocan 2012, it was estimated that the incidence of cancer in the country is 38,544 cases and out of that, 26,941 deaths have been recorded It is estimated that up to 70 deaths from cancer occur daily.

Our SearchAmelia booth will be offering Relay for Life Jewelry, ice cold waters, Kenyan cookies and desserts, bandanas and more during the 12 hour event with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

Please donate today by CLICKING HERE, then plan to join us for a lap or two around the track!

Thank you for your support!

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