Shopping on Amelia Island

Black Friday is approaching and Amelia Island offers a delightful choice of merchants who need you to spend your money with them this holiday season. All retailers have been drastically reducing prices and the traditional madness of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving should provide even deeper discounts this year.

Check out the Web sites of your favorite stores before Thanksgiving Day. Often, the Black Friday specials are posted in advance. While many of our local retail chains do not receive the volume of merchandise received by the larger stores in Jacksonville, keep in mind that plenty of “die-hard” shoppers will make the trip into the big city on Black Friday leaving the Fernandina stores less crowded. Do not misunderstand me though, the stores here are busy as K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack and Sears all have waiting lines before opening at an exceptionally early hour of the morning. Keep in mind that no matter how thick the crowds or how frantic the shoppers are to get those early bird specials, you are still only a short drive from returning to your home.

Don’t forget to shop at your Mom and Pop stores, too. Downtown Fernandina has a Pajama Party until 11:00 am and if you go shopping in your pajamas you receive special discounts and have the opportunity to win the costume contest, either as an individual or as a group.

So go ahead and shop in your backyard this year, you will still get the deep discounts, remain closer to home and help the local economy.

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