Shrimp Festival Economic Impact


The annual Thursday Shrimp Festival Parade is one of my family’s favorite reminders of why we are blessed to be members of the Fernandina Beach community. What a wonderful tribute to small town life and the everyday sweetness of living here. It is no wonder the Smithsonian Institute had historically ranked our community as one of the top four small towns for quality of life in the USA.

This year the festival represents another aspect of its importance to our community…Economic Impact. With our country’s general economy in one of its greatest crisis ever it is difficult for small town America to make ends meet. Here are some eye opening financial facts that should make you smile and enjoy our festival even more.

We are a town of approximately 11,500 residents. The total economic impact to the community is a little over $16,000,000. That come out to over $1300 per resident…Here are the stats… We at Search Amelia want you to go out and enjoy our precious festival and realize it’s serious positive impact on each of our lives.

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  • Even with the bad economy, it was great to see so many people coming to our little island to see and hopefully buy a lot from the many art, antique, and food vendors that were there. From what I saw, a great time was had by all.

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