Silver Wedding Anniversary
Silver Wedding Anniversary
The Silver Wedding Anniversary is becoming a rare bird as about half of all marriages end up in divorce. Many of my close friends, including myself, will be celebrating 20 year wedding anniversaries this year, but when someone makes it to 25 years of wedded bliss, well, it is obvious one of the two has a lot of patience.

I love to hear how couples meet, the stories vary greatly but one of the most common is meeting each other at work. This tale of love leads to a blossoming office romance and eventually the boss falls in love with and marries his secretary.

Weddings are as individual as each couple. Some weddings are held in lavish resorts while others run off and get married in a chapel in Las Vegas. On Amelia Island we see plenty of couples start their life together on the beach, while others may choose a small religious ceremony in a cozy Episcopal Church in Willowbrook, Illinois.

How do you stay committed to one person for 25 years? One of the secrets to a successful marriage may be in sharing hobbies such as RV’ing, boating and gardening. Even sharing the responsibilites of parenting forms a lifetime bond and commitment.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Greg and Judy Zampogna!

Greg and Judy Zampogna
Greg and Judy Zampogna

Married on February 15, 1985, Greg and Judy live in Fernandina Beach and have five children and seven grandchildren.

Greg is a retired Federal Agent who enjoyed a long career with assignments in St. Louis, St. Paul and Washington DC before retiring out of the Glynco, Georgia, office at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. His successful career played a pivotal role in the couple’s personal love story. Greg received a promotion, a nice big office, and a young beautiful secretary named Judy… and the rest is history!

Judy continues as a computer specialist with the Department of Homeland Security at the same Glynco, Georgia, facility. She is also a very talented seamstress who has created some of the most beautiful pageant wear for local award winning pageant participant, Megan Smith.

Greg and Judy, we would love to know your recipe for a long and successful marriage. Happy Anniversary from all of us at!!!

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