Smart Travel Tips When Travelling Abroad With ChildrenYou save, you plan, you choose your perfect break, what could possibly go wrong? A late flight, lost baggage? Struggling to keep the kids occupied? This guide, contributed by Shannen Doherty, will help you stay calm when travelling with children.

Give The Kids Little Jobs To Do
Airports are not very exciting places for children, especially when long periods of time can be spent in queues and waiting around. Give the children small tasks to complete to keep them occupied during this time. Let them pack a small bag or suitcase which is theirs to take care of for the duration of the trip. Inside, they could have their favourite teddy bear, a small toy or some books which will also help them feel secure in a strange place along with giving them something to do. Ensure that the baggage is within the dimensions set for hand luggage so it can be taken on the plane and also that it is not too heavy for children to carry. You could also get them to fetch things for you such as leaflets, take things to the bin or check the departure boards for you. This gives them a degree of freedom and allows them to legitimately walk around instead of trying to make them stand still in a line.

Pre Book Your Airport Parking
You may find that your flight is scheduled for an early morning departure or you may arrive back from your holiday late at night. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by pre booking your airport parking. This gives you peace of mind in a number of ways. Many airport parking facilities take care of everything. Simply turn up, find a space, hand over your keys and hop on a bus to the terminal. With children in tow, this is a good option. Gatwick Airport parking is just one such location offering this service.

Purchase Food And Drink At The Airport
Security in and around airports is notoriously strict especially concerning food and drink. Instead of attempting to take your own produce into the main terminal which may be taken off you at the security checkpoint, you are better off buying snacks and refreshments once you are safely through. From this point onwards, you are free to take whatever you purchase on board the aircraft too. Treat the kids to their favourite treat for a great start to your holiday after dropping the car off at the Gatwick Airport parking facility.

Take Portable Activities
The best activities to take for children are those which are small and easy to transport. Sticker books, reading books and colouring books are just a few ideas of the sorts of things to pack. Of course with today’s technology, many parents are now turning to computer tablets which can be preloaded with music, television programmes and films and interactive games and are extremely portable. These can also be used on board planes once airborne.

Pack Swimwear In Hand Luggage
After a long journey, undoubtedly one of the first things the kids will want to do is get in the swimming pool. Pack swimwear in your hand luggage which means you can get in straightaway after checking in.

Travelling with children need not be a stressful experience. Just a bit of forward planning and remembering these simple tips will keep the children happy and you relaxed.

Shannen writes regularly on all types of travel for a range of travel websites and blogs. As a parent of two children, she has a wealth of experience to share and is full of top tips such as prebooking Gatwick Airport parking.

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