Someone’s Son Took My Place by Crowns of Creation

Joey and Jeanne just released their new song, Someone's Son Took My Place, honoring U.S. veterans of foreign wars.

Someone's Son Took My Place by Crowns of CreationJoey and Jeanne, the two musicians who make up Crowns of Creation Ministries on Amelia Island, just released their new song Someone’s Son Took My Place honoring U.S. veterans of foreign wars, especially Vietnam era soldiers.

Their inspirational music and testimonies are filled with emotion as they continue to inspire others into discipleship with Jesus Christ.

This is a personal story of thanks to those who went to war in Vietnam allowing Joey the option for college deferment.

The song is particularly moving and it is appropriate for all of the Armed Forces holidays: Veterans Day, Flag Day, Armed Services Day, and of course on this Memorial Day 2014.

Crowns Of Creation, © 2014

    I was 18 on my way to war
    When someone’s son took my place.
    Off to college, “2S” deferred.
    I never saw the enemy’s face.

    Soldier’s standing in my shoes
    While I ran barefoot and free.
    I didn’t see it clearly then,
    Someone’s son rescued me.

    I was just a child at 18,
    Thinking I knew everything.
    When war ended I heard things,
    Unimagined sufferings.

    They came home to no support,
    And no appreciation.
    Fighting an unpopular war
    No ticker tape. Just alienation.

    Marching toward the Eve Of Destruction,
    Endless killing season,
    Foxholes turning soldiers into saints.

    One day I heard about a Son of man.
    Obeying orders from High Command.
    Gave His life for the human race.
    Someone’s Son took my place.

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