Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole

Ever wondered what financial independence in the era of the Internet means? Here is your chance to learn the complete details in less than a week.

Don't drop in the hole

I try to learn at least one new thing everyday, whether it is a skill or just an anecdote or a new fact about something I had no clue about. Today I learned a bit more about the undercurrent in the American economy that lets true entrepreneurs expose a good amount of bravado in face of the down times.

It was a very educational session. After going through an archive of great pictures, I found some 2 dozen that display courage and knowing how to avoid potholes on the road to success. The synopsis: Sometimes it takes a respectful distance and sometimes it takes courage and luck – but it always takes a solid knowledge, pulled from the right sources, to accurately locate the holes in the road ahead.

Real entrepreneurs with bravado are a good thing. It’s like they’re saying, “I choose not to participate in that recession thing that is going around.” Although that may sound a bit arrogant and self serving, it is the right attitude to have, especially if you don’t want to get caught up among the whiners. There is a lot of opportunity out there; you just need to take action and know how to avoid the holes, those avoidable negative circumstances that absentminded individuals easily fall into. You also need to be willing to set priorities that require committed action.

The best way to avoid these holes is to know where they are and to not be afraid of them.

The following video may be a bit extreme for some, though for others, it should clearly illustrate that great accomplishments come with great dedication and effort. There’s something in certain people’s entrepreneurial DNA that makes them afraid to look down. They would rather follow the herd, preferably residing somewhere near the supposed “secure center”, in the hope that the luck of the draw will prevent them becoming a victim of a deep fall. Many don’t even see the drop-off coming.

Especially around this time of year, I seem to get into conversations at parties, many of which center around friends who keep telling me how lucky I am to have gotten rid of my properties in 2005. Well, I have news for them: It had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with knowing where the holes lie.

When people ask me how I knew, my answer is consistent: I follow the financial news and assume that 99% of it is total crap aired by anchormen and women who get an industry-crafted script to read right after it’s pushed in front of them.

When the news came through last Friday, that the dreaded unemployment numbers went up from 9.6% to 9.8%, the media immediately came out with damage control to rationalize the increase in unemployment rate as seasonal effects. I call BS.

In the same week that Wal-Mart announces the 51% multi-billion dollar acquisition of a South African retail chain (the Giant’s first step onto the African continent!) and Pepsi brings $5.8 billion to Moscow for the acquisition of a Russian juice maker, news tells us that those markets have surpassed the profit potentials of ‘good old America’. (And that trend is unstoppable, as is the exodus of jobs.)

Smart people realize that this means menial jobs have no future here, in America. Smart people read between the news lines and realize that future business plans can no longer count on the return of an endless availability of easy credit. Smart people realize that we are at the beginning of a magnificent paradigm shift where America’s role is to market and distribute what the world produces.

Magnum Internet Companies such as Amazon, eBay and even Wal-Mart don’t get their news from a misguided media reporting on topics they know nothing about. They don’t buy the daily BS that comes out of the Tubes. These mega-size businesses have already figured out that it would be a formula for disaster.

They have embraced the Internet as it points out the future. Facebook proves it everyday by yet breaking new records.


If you are a smart regional entrepreneur, you may want to check into our Bootcamp Called “5 Days in January”. There you will learn how to build, manage and maintain your own WordPress Website, starting the morning of Monday, January 17 and walking out Friday, January 21, 2011 with a complete online business – a website that embraces the future and disregards the past. (Forget your brick-and-mortar business with huge overheads.) Best of all, this workshop will teach you where the holes are and how to prevent and circumnavigate potential disasters most commonly associated with Internet small businesses.


5 Days in January WordPress Website Building Bootcamp

Dates: Monday January 17 – Friday January 21, 2011
Location: Amelia Hotel at the Beach – Boardroom
Objective: Reserve and build your own WordPress e-commerce website and be in business by the end of the week.

Cost:  $995 per person; $1,650 for 2 people from the same company. Register by December 24, 2010 and get domain name registration and ONE year hosting free.

Fee includes: All course materials, coffee breaks and lunches, domain name and one year hosting (if paid by December 24-midnight)

Information:  Johan Ramakers Phd., (904) 310 6153 –
Judie Mackie –

Description: In the course of 5 days we will look over your shoulder as you reserve your website domain, learn how to build the navigation and populate the WordPress website, organize and implement the search engine optimization aspects, set up the social media presence and take the website “live” for you to control your online future and manage and grow your business.


Day One

1. Introduction
2. Make laptops internet-accessible
3. Download Safari browser
4. Define domain name; reserve domain name and hosting plan with Hosting company
5. Go into cPanel set up and organize manager URL

6. Go into WordPress to choose and select theme templates*
7. Set back-end user/admin access
8. Define objective(s)/ targets / mission
9. Work up website navigation

Day Close

10. Q & A fine-tuning

Homework (a) Find Visuals and (b) Write content outlines based on navigation *

Day Two

1. Check on status of all URLs
2. Prepare content for all navigation: (a) Pages, (b) Categories, (c) Posts
3. Set: (a) Visual Formats, (b) Forums, (c) Plug-ins, (d) Widgets, (e) Columns

4. Start uploading main navigation
5. Double check formats
6. Complete explanation of WordPress bars and how they work
7. Set up email accounts with signatures

Day Close

8. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Three:

1. Double check all domains
2. Work up social media accounts: (a) Facebook, (b) Twitter, (c) LinkedIn, (d) YouTube, (e) RSS, (f) Google Account (incl. everything- maps/view/alerts/adwords/keywords etc),
3. Attach SHARE network to website

4. Set up PayPal Account **
5. Shopping Cart navigation
6. Evaluation

Day Close

6. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Four:

1. Triple Check: (a) All links, (b) navigation, (c) sizing
2. Image optimization
3. Maintenance Blog Schedule, Social Media Toolkit and spreadsheet
4. Feedburners/ email campaigns, email database harvesting
5. Constant Contact- never better – newsletter

6. “Ranking” secrets/ coding secrets
7. Free research tools to help ranking, competition research, keyword duplication
8. Learn how to Build video with photos and upload to youTube/Vimeo for website distribution
9. Launch and start Search Engine submission process

Day Close

10. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Five (half day):

1. Complete start of the day session – write and publish a blog story; promote the entire Social Media Circuit
– do intermediate ranking checks on Google, Bing and Yahoo with keyword alterations
2. Building an email data base
3. Final Question and Answers session

Follow Up: On Wednesday January 26 from 6 – 8 pm there is a closing follow up for Q and A

* Asterix indicated entries include instructions and requirements that will come with the registration instructions.

There is only seating for 15 positions on this course.

The Course will be given by: Judie Mackie – Editor, Search Amelia; Johan Ramakers Phd. – Publisher Search Amelia
assisted by Lawrence Mackie and Jessica Livingston.

NOTE: If you’re not yet ready, you may occasionally watch Real Econ TV. You may find it useful, informative, sometimes even entertaining… and yes it might even help you avoid falling in a hole or two.


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