Southwest Airlines a Pleasant Flight to Las Vegas

southwest-air-to-las-vegas-cropI have flown plenty of times out of Florida’s, Jacksonville International Airport to many domestic destinations for business and pleasure. I have also flown with all of the major carriers, but this afternoon I hopped a ride one of Southwest Airline’s new non-stop flights to Las Vegas. I have always been a fan of this airline and as expected, the crew is always pleasant. However, on this flight, they had the passengers chuckling before we even boarded the plane.

Customer service is indeed what sets companies apart these days, and Southwest has customer service down to a fine science, No, not as stuffy as science, more like seeing an old friend. From checking our bags at the curb to the plane landing to the sound of a galloping horse, this was a pleasant method of transportation.

You are still allowed two checked bags up to 50 pounds each, free of charge, though I think the weight limit may be changing in mid June. They also still only charge $5.00 for a cocktail, where some airlines are now charging $7.00, but they have gone to a cash-free zone, so you have to use a credit card or a drink coupon to make your purchase. One incredible tip I can share with you for your next flight on Southwest is to buy your drink coupons at the ticket counter. These funny little coupons have humorous conversation starters on the front such as, “If you had to move to a different state, where would you go and why? “and even funnier conversation stoppers on the back. “I am sorry, I cannot talk with you, I have given up face-to-face conversation as a personal experiment.” This is not your typical airline carrier. Southwest also offers their own sort of stimulus for their drinking passengers, they only charge $15.00 for four coupons. That is the same as a buy three get one free, and trust me, that is plenty of booze to get you through a four hour and thirty minute flight.

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