Speed Limit on Intracoastal Waterway

speed-limit-for-boatsThe Nassau County Board of County Commissioners and the Ocean Highway & Port Authority are holding an interesting joint special meeting in Yulee, Florida. On Wednesday, July 15, at 1:00 in the afternoon, these two groups are meeting to discuss a unified strategy to establish a speed limit on the Intracoastal Waterway.

This meeting is open to the public so come on out to the Commission Chambers at the James S. Page Governmental Complex at 96135 Nassau Place in Yulee, Florida.

Many rivers and waterways have posted no wake zones and speed limits established in other parts of Florida. We share the water with endangered species, like the Florida manatee and boating speed limits will make the water safer for all creatures, including humans.


  1. Jacktar

    I am all in favor of this measure provided it is designed with safety in mind. An not an ill executed way to raise taxes and to give some other power crazed mong with a speed gun and a chip on his shoulder and a book of tickets. If this is put in place and operated correctly it will do very nicely thank you.

  2. Jeff C.

    The no wake signs on the Amelia river, Egans creek and in front of the Fernandina city marina are not even up to code on placement size of lettering and code and federal regulation numbers? Let's get this right first so you can enforce and hold up in a court of law first. I guess we will have to have radar detectors on our boats too.

  3. Arrrrrmatee

    Give me a break. This is crap. First, let me say that this law will never pertain to me. I have a small boat with only a 70hp motor on it. I'll never break a speed limit. As long as a boater is operating safely and not putting amyone in danger, speed should not be regulated. As far as wake is concerned, some boats create less wake when they are up on plane at top speed than they do at slower speed. Fuel economy is a concern these days and boats eat fuel fast. A boat on plane uses less fuel than a boat pushing through the water. I do feel that Jacktar knows what the real purpose of this law would be…revenue. Punish the people. Look at the speed limit on Amelia Concourse. It's a four lane highway with not one single resident on it (all the houses are in communities off the road) and the posted limit is 35 MPH. It's a blatant attack on law abiding citizens. Times are hard and the federal, state, and local governments are kicking us while we're down. Can anyone say, “Tea Party” ???

  4. Capdon1066

    Looking to find a Fed reg # for a definition of No exsessive Wake Anybody got that

  5. Ameliaprivateeye

    Researching this one is not easy!
    The US Coast Guard site (www.uscg.gov) says in FAQ, Navigation Rules, #10:What are the regulations concerning wake effects, wake damage, and responsibility? Regarding one’s wake, vessels over 1600 Gross Tons are specifically required by Title 33 CFR 164.11 to set the vessel’s speed with consideration for…the damage that might be caused by the vessel’s wake. Further, there may be State or local laws which specifically address “wake” for the waters in question.

    While vessels under 1600 GT are not specifically required to manage their speed in regards to wake, they are still required to operate in a prudent matter which does not endanger life, limb, or property (46 USC 2302). Nor do the Navigation Rules exonerate any vessel from the consequences of neglect (Rule 2), which, among other things, could be unsafe speeds (Rule 6), improper lookout (Rule 5), or completely ignoring your responsibilities as prescribed by the Navigation Rules.

    As to whether or not a particular vessel is responsible for the damage it creates is a question of law and fact that is best left to the Courts. For more information, contact your local Marine Patrol or State Boating Law Administrator.

    If you are in Florida, you may want to start here: http://www.floridamarineguide.com/florida_boating.html

    or here: Florida Marine Patrol at 800-DIAL-FMP
    Good Luck!

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