As a Lifelong Rum Connaisseur, the Deadman's Dark and Spicy is to die for.

This Labor weekend will mark the official launch of the First Full Line of All-American Ultra Premium Liquors on Amelia Island, with tastings of this remarkable award winning line of Rums, Vodkas, Gin and Tequila at both Amelia Liquors Locations.  Tastings at other locations such as Five Point Liquors will follow in the next couple of weeks.

As the liquor industry continues to consolidate into a few multi-billion dollar conglomerates – mostly based overseas – Spirits of the USA challenges this trend it believes will ultimately lead towards a high priced compromise with mediocre quality. In this highly competitive, often cut throat environment, one should wonder if there is still room for a small, hand-crafted purely American distillery? The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” says Michael Gerard, an Australian transplant who has come to intensely love the American way of Life and Entrepreneurship since coming to this country almost 20 years ago from his native Sydney. Gerard co-founded Spirits of the USA a couple of years ago to distill and bottle the first full line of American-made premium spirits – all-USA-produced except, of course, tequila. Understanding today’s marketplace he developed a branding style under the heading “America’s Most Wanted” that stands out in both visuals and sounds. To fully appreciate the mood just click on the website’s Homepage and scroll the label designs while the music takes you to a place vaguely reminiscent of the Eagles’ early albums. Entrepreneur Michael Gerard follows the proven marketing concept that spells success; top quality product with an intriguing branding and packaging.

Top Awards Around the Globe

That the company’s liquors are in the absolute top of their groups is underscored by the many Awards they have amassed in the last two years of test marketing. In that time, various products have received critical acclaim in international tasting competitions, including:
London International Wine & Spirits Competition – 7 Medals with 3 Best in Class
San Francisco World Spirits Competition – 8 Medals (2008-2009) including 2 Gold
The Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards in Los Angeles took place  on June 10. The SIP Awards is an international spirits competition that uses consumers as judges in blind tastings scoring each spirit on aroma, taste and finish.

The Results for Spirits of the USA’s liquors?
• Platinum ‐ Best in Class,  Deadman’s Mango Rum,
• Gold, Rattlesnake Jalapeno Tequila,
• Silver,Coyote Mango Vodka,
• Silver, Rattlesnake Tequila
• Silver, Deadman’s Dark & Spicy Rum,
• Bronze, Coyote Jalapeno Vodka

Asked why he choose to enter this highly competitive market in a volatile economy , Gerard referred to a growing trend published by Wine and Spirits Daily claiming that “Restaurants and consumers are seeking unique products more than ever”. Traditionally Spirits, Skincare and Lipsticks products do well in a depressed economy, just like movie theaters.  But, “large distributors who are mainly concerned with two or three flagship brands with the best margins, are not eager to be flexible to the market needs.” In addition, consolidation among suppliers and wholesalers, “is keeping the wine and spirits industry in a constant state of flux, bringing uncertainty to the market, limiting competition, and pushing prices higher”.

The Spirits of the USA Difference

TJ Seaton - services the Nassau County Area

Spirits of the USA wants to buck that trend. “We want to take the liquor industry back to its traditional, smaller ways of doing business,” explains Gerard, “back to the time when suppliers, proprietors and distributors all worked together – and had fun doing it. That’s why we’re forming relationships across the country. To that end we have partnered up with outgoing service oriented people who will become the face of Spirits of the USA such as TJ Seaton, our partner for Nassau County and Amelia Island.

She will handle all sales in Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach and the surrounding areas. TJ will give the area’s customers the type of service that the liquor businesses once prided themselves on, before “the crash and burn philosophy” that only the big customers deserve face time, became the norm.

Headquartered in Jacksonville

The Company has selected Jacksonville, Florida as the headquarters for its operations. The Jacksonville facility will handle distribution, warehousing and all administrative functions. “We chose Jacksonville for its business-friendly climate, state-of-the-art port operations and its easy distribution access to many important East Coast markets,” explains founder and CEO, Michael Gerard. The Company’s premium vodkas, tequilas, rums, gin and non-alcoholic drinks will be initially available in Florida and Missouri and in the months ahead introduced to the rest of the country. And always on the cutting edge, The Company is already preparing the introduction of Black Bear Whisky for later this year.

You can meet Michael Gerard and TJ Seaton at the Friday and Saturday free tastings at the Amelia Liquors stores. Friday (next to Harris Teeter) 3-6pm and Saturday (next to Publix) 4-7pm

Spirits of the USA Ultra Premium Liquor Line is currently available on Amelia Island at:

• Amelia Liquors Harris Teeter Shopping Mall
• Amelia Liquores Publix Shopping Mall
• Five Point Package Store on 8th St.

• Baxter’s Restaurant
• Crab Trap Restaurant
• The Bar at the Hoyt House