Window Cleaning with Waterless Wash
Window Cleaning with Waterless Wash

Around my house, fall is a much welcome time of the year to do the spring cleaning. Our businesses are more manageable in the fourth quarter giving us some much needed time off and the cooler weather… well, it speaks for itself. Having the additional time, you find yourself taking on all the projects that need to be done, that you have been neglecting all year. Although I would rather be boating, fishing or maybe doing nothing, these tasks that property owners know all so well – still have to be done.

One task that goes the distance with my wife is window cleaning. Now I know I have reported on this in the past, but after the fourth neighbor commented on the ease and speed at which I was doing this chore, I felt compelled to bring it up again. Windows, unless you live underground, are found in nearly every structure that we occupy. They are the same as the glass on our automobiles with one huge exception; they rarely get any attention or cleaning. I think the biggest reasons no one likes to clean them is because it’s so cumbersome. The fact that you have to drag a water hose around with you, get the bucket of soapy water, wash and then dry before you call the task complete is quite an undertaking. Normally it will take several hours if not longer to wash all the windows in a normal sized home and I don’t know about you, but several hours doing any cleaning, calls for reinforcements in my book.

There is however a product available that does this job with ease, speed and calls for no water; its called Ultra Luster Waterless Wash. This product was designed and intended as a waterless carwash, but like many other products morphed into many other uses. I use it on cars, boats, countertops, stove and fridges. I even use it to clean my computer screen. Being proven as a superior waterless car wash, I found it to do the same great job on automotive glass as it did on the finish of a car. It worked so well that cleaning the car glass was something I did on a regular basis since it could be quickly done anywhere and at anytime. I tried this on the windows at my home and found the same great results as on the car with one huge difference; I could now clean the house windows with one spray bottle, a step ladder and two rags. How cool is that?

Ultra Luster is available through and can be purchased in several different kits. Its inexpensive, easy to use, has multiple purposes and best of all it saves time and water. Your windows will absolutely pop and sparkle and your neighbors will notice a difference. It’ll be Christmas soon, so give it a shot.

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