Sprinkler Water VS Rain Water

Rain Water

Rain Water

Ok, so what’s the big deal about rain water VS water from your sprinkler system when it comes to watering your grass and plants? Now let me be clear to everyone, I’m no green thumb nor do I enjoy working in the yard. I do love the look of fresh cut healthy grass and plants that look so vibrant they could almost pass for artificial. I have always been told that when it comes to watering, rain water is the best. I always assumed this was due to the fact that it cost money to run a sprinkler system and the no matter how good your system is it will never cover the entire yard like a good rain will.

My wife, whom I love dearly, loves working in the yard, scratching in the dirt and planting flowers. Her gardening tools are old and worn, never to be replaced by anything new or shiny. She has a specific method each time she gets out to tend to our lawn, and a specific use for each instrument.

Since we have been married there has been several old watering cans placed in strategic areas around our home, as far as I was concerned they served no purpose other than those were a part of her arsenal when doing battle in the yard. Well that all changed when she found me pouring precious rain water out she had been collecting for plants, for both inside our home and under the covered porch. I smiled a little, apologized and offered to water these plants for her as a peace offering, hoping to escape the proverbial dog house.

As it happened there was only enough rain water left, after I poured the other half out, to water one of two large arrangements we have on our front porch. So I decided to do an experiment on my own with no one else knowing to see if the myth of rain water was as good as everyone claimed. Over the next 12 days the one plant arrangement only received water from a garden hose while the other was fed captured rain water. At first there was very little difference but small changes were slowly taking place. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it, the plant that received no rain water looked wilted and tired compared to the identical one sitting right next to it.

This all happened in the run of less than 2 weeks! Janet was none too happy when she found out I had been depriving one of her “lawn children” the proper nutrients they so desperately needed, but was happy at any rate that my little experiment proved her and every other green thumb correct.

Two things I learned that day; first if you don’t know something and you get an answer by someone who does don’t turn around and try to prove them wrong, second the wife is always right.

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  • I tend to believe that it isn't so much what rain water contains in nutrients, but what it doesn't contain that is in city water. Chlorine is one of those. There are other ingredients that are coming out of the tap we shouldn't put our plants to grow on much less in our body, yet that is another story for another day.

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