Pirate GatheringThe 3rd annual gathering of pirates is coming to St. Augustine November 12-14, 2010. Pirates from across the seven seas will be arriving to join the crews of the Black Heart and the Ancient City Privateers. The event will be held at St. Frances Field and Historical Quarter in downtown St. Augustine.

Registration begins at the main gate at 3pm on Friday, November 12th. There will be a pub crawl on Friday night beginning at the Drop Anchor Inn at St. Frances Field under the big tent at 7pm.

Saturday, November 13th is full of events beginning at 9am. Look for a parade at 11am, a Battle at Sea at 12:15pm in front of the fort, a Pirate Land Battle around 12:30pm on Orange Street by Huguenot Cemetery, and lots more at St. Frances Field. There is a Buccaneer Bash at 5pm for those that hold tickets.

Sunday, November 14th brings more plundering and pillaging with a full pirate court at 10:30am, lots of music, and another Sea Battle at 2:30pm. The Gathering will draw to a close at 5pm.

According to the website at www.pirategathering.com, “The Pirate Gathering’s goal is to help kids learn about the history that is St. Augustine, through the Light House Maritime Program.”

“Shipwrecks and other maritime archaeological sites preserved in the waters of Florida’s First Coast can give us insight into history as no textbook can. Part of LAMP’s mission is to engage our local and visiting communities, to provide opportunities to learn more about our maritime history and to work side by side with archaeologists as we investigate and interpret the past. We make a constant effort to share what we have learned through public presentations, educational material, and museum exhibits. We have developed and distributed a shipwreck lesson plan in English and Braille. We started the first high school underwater archaeology program in the U.S. in order to introduce young people to marine science. At the college level, we have sponsored numerous internships, and starting in 2007 will be running an annual underwater archaeology field school with the University of Flinders (Australia). And we are expanding our volunteer program so that interested members of the public can participate in our laboratory and diving activities.”

Tickets to the Buccaneer Bash and lots more information is available at their website.