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Stamp Collecting is a Hobby for the Family

Stamp Collecting is a Hobby for the Family

Stamp Collecting is a Hobby for the Family

Have you ever thought about getting into stamp collecting? This is a great hobby for the entire family that lets you learn and explore the history behind many different stamps.

Stamps come in such a wide variety you are bound to find a subject everyone is excited about. You can start by saving used stamps from letters, post cards and packages. Ask your friends and relatives to save you their unusual stamps as well. Stamps come in many different values and their themes are nearly unlimited.

Commemorative stamps, stamps about holidays, stamps with symbols of love and stamps about different people are all popular and easy to find. Specialty stamps and limited releases can make stamp collecting a true treasure hunt!

The best way to remove a used stamp is to place the stamp – still on a portion of its original envelope – face down in a plate of warm water until it sinks to the bottom. Very gently remove the stamp from its envelope once all of the adhesive has washed away. Place the stamp between paper towels or plain paper and then put the stamp under something heavy overnight to keep the edges from curling up.

Once your hobby takes on a more series aspect you can attend Stamp Shows and conventions and look on line to order special stamps that fit your lifestyle or interests. There is so much information available on the world wide web. However, if you are just getting started I would recommend you go to the United States Post Office’s website and take a look around.

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