Staying on Task During the Holidays

There are social engagements, charitable commitments, family obligations and work deadlines all screaming for your attention.

Staying on Task During the Holidays

Staying on Task During the Holidays

Staying on task is difficult throughout the year, but at the holidays keeping focused seems to be more challenging. There are social engagements, charitable commitments, family obligations and work deadlines all screaming for your attention. The kids are on a long winter’s break, there is shopping to be done, cookies to bake and last minute decorating touches. No wonder you are overwhelmed and feel you are not accomplishing your short term goals.

Time management
You have heard it before, but this is the time of year to make lists and use your pocket calendar religiously. Put priorities at the top of your list and write down the times of events you list on your calendar. When items overlap, some may need to be removed. Try not to reschedule anything! Cutting a luncheon short is easier than rescheduling. When you do need to reschedule consider others involved, they too are juggling their end of the year activities and selecting an alternative date may not be an option.

Blocks of time
Schedule blocks of uninterrupted time to handle items on your list. If it is going to take you two hours to finish up your shopping then block off two hours and dedicate that time to do exactly that. Do not answer your cell phone and do not spend 15 minutes catching up with an old friend that you run into at the mall over coffee. Be polite and offer to catch up with your friend over a cocktail after the New Year.

Learn to say no
It is fine to say no! Even world leaders do not accept every invitation. If shopping with your sister saves you time, then by all means shop with your sister, but if you know that shopping with your sister is not efficient, say no. If you have two events on one night, say no to one, or cut them both short. Say yes to the things that make you happy and say no to those that don’t. You may need to skip a social meeting, pass on lunch with your co-worker or put off making that scrapbook for your niece before Christmas. Don’t feel guilty about saying, “No!”

Remember, YOU are a priority
Make sure you keep appointments that are scheduled for you. Doctor appointments and even a massage are worth your time. Taking care of your needs is important especially during the holiday season. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and maintain your exercise routine… if for not other reason than to indulge in a few of the many temptations set before you this time of the year!

Stay focused, don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy in moderation some of life’s guilty pleasures and you will indeed have a less stressful Christmas season!

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  1. helenotoole

    How many hours are wasted each and every day doing things that are not that important? Priority becomes the choice of task, especially during the busy holiday season. I agree with you, write it down and stick to it.

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