Warm Reception at Rendezvous Festival Ribbon Cutting

Warm Reception at Rendezvous Festival Ribbon CuttingAmelia Island Fernandina Beach Yulee Chamber of Commerce hosted a Ribbon Cutting for the Rendezvous Festival on the lawn of the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island August 7, 2014.

This warm, oceanfront reception brought scores of people out to welcome the Festival to Amelia Island. Formerly the Amelia Island Film Festival, Rendezvous will become the 1st film, music and gaming festival in NE Florida and SE Georgia.

The evening began with a retiring of the Amelia Island Film Festival name and logo, followed by an exciting ribbon cutting with Chamber Ambassadors, and an introduction of the Festival’s Board of Directors who were present for the ribbon cutting:
-VP, and VP Marketing Travis Cloyd
-Sponsorship Coordinator David Garland
-Volunteer Coordinator Margo Story
-Film Selection Committee Coordinator Julia Ferreira
-Event Coordinator Michael Smith
-Advisory Board Team Members Mark Sutcliffe and Mr. Kim Dawson
-Chairman and CEO for Rendezvous Festival Randy Bowman (and Emcee for the evening)

Why the Name Rendezvous? It is an homage to the Evan’s Rendezvous, located in American Beach, a music club that once hosted famed musicians such as Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Billie Daniels, and Ray Charles in the 1930’s, 40’s, & 50’s in a special beach community that was created for inclusion. It is a goal of the Festival to recognize the proud history that the Rendezvous represents and its contribution to the entertainment industry.

Here is a brief video of the evening’s events:

sponsors of the evening included the Chamber of Commerce, Fast Signs, Amelia Island Museum of History, and the Ritz Carton. Jazz music was provided by blue muse.

Rendezvous Festival 2015 will be held June 5 – 13, 2015, with nine days of festive events being held throughout Amelia Island.

Planned evenings include themes like International, Bollywood, and James Bond Casino Royale.

There will be an American Beach Tribute, and presentations on topics like animation, and interactive media (Gaming, Digital, and Social Media).

Included in the events is a three day interactive film expo with exhibitors from throughout the film industry.

You can expect midnight screenings, multiple concerts, after hours social events, red carpet events, a golf tournament, and an exciting Closing Award Program with dinner and live music at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island.

For more information visit the website: http://www.rendezvousfestival.com/

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And the Movies Are in Town

Searchamelia.com: movie production

Actually producing a movie seems to be a young people's job

Tonight the 4th Amelia Island Film Festival takes off with a Red Carpet Event at the Peck Center, the showing of Derek Estlin Purvis “Sunny Side Up 2011” with Parker Posey as Angelica Lovecraft in the lead and an After Party at Café Karibo.

Then on Friday there are some 20 movies, documentaries and shorts to enjoy at various venues such as Sheffield’s, the Peck Center, o’Kane’s and foreign films (obviously sub-titled) at the Anchor, from Spain, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Italy and Brazil. For a complete listing check the website http://www.ameliaislandfilmfestival.org/

Since the film festival last year, many changes took place in the organization of the event, often leading to the question if there actually would be another . We are happy to see that the organization got its priorities straightened out, serving an impressive line-up of titles and events.

Here are some of the events you will enjoy during the festival
Thursday 2-23, 7pm – Red Carpet
Friday 2-24, 4pm -PBS “Real Food Real Kitchens”
Friday 2-24, 5:30pm Judge Henry Adams Event
Saturday 2-24, 11am Children Red Carpet
Saturday 2-25, 1pm-PBS “Real Food Real Kitchens”
Saturday 2-25, 4pm Norman Studios
Sunday 2-26, 7pm Oscar Party with a special screening of locally shot “The Diary of Preston Plummer” which will premier in two weeks on the Red Carpet of the Miami International Film Festival.

Entirely in the mood for some movie action, our Award Winning point man/ producer Rick Traum has been providing us with some hilarious explanations why sometimes the credits of people involved in the production of a movie takes 10 minutes of screen time.


searchamelia.com - movie productionssearchamelia.com-amelia island film productionssearchamelia.com-amelia island film productionssearchamelia.com-amelia island film productions

2012 Film Fest of Short Films

2012 Film Fest of Short FilmsMouth of Amelia invites you to Film Fest of Short Films! presented by the Fernandina Little Theatre, featuring short fils that are up of Oscars this year.

WHEN: The animated short films will screen at 7 p.m. February 16; 9 p.m. February 17; 7 p.m. February 18; and 4:30 & 9 p.m. February 19. The live-action shorts will screen at 9 p.m. February 16; 7 p.m. February 17; 4:30 & 9 p.m. February 18; and 2:30 & 7 p.m. February 19.

WHERE: Fernandina Little Theatre, 1014 Beech St. in Fernandina Beach.

WHAT: Discover the dynamic world of short filmmaking by attending the second annual Oscar-Nominated Shorts Festival presented by the Fernandina Arts Centre. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short film as an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. Last year’s line-up of short films included The God of Love, made by local favorite Luke Matheny, whose mother DiAnn Matheny lives in Fernandina Beach. The God of Love went onto win the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film.

Presented in cooperation with Shorts HD, the festival will screen the 10 films nominated for best animated and live action short film in alternating sessions at the Fernandina Little Theatre, “The festival is a wonderful opportunity for film fans to see and enjoy the nominated films prior to the Academy Awards ceremony on February 26,” said FLT Artistic Director Kate Hart.

The screenings will include an opportunity for film-goers to pick who they think will win the Oscar in both categories. Those who correctly pick both the Oscar-winning animated and live-action short films will be entered into a drawing to win two tickets to the theater’s production in April of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

COST: Admission to each session is $10.00. Tickets are available in Fernandina Beach at The UPS Store in the Publix shopping center on Sadler Road and in St. Marys, Ga., at The Blue Goose, Bulldog Discount Liquors, Cedar Oak Café and Once Upon a Bookseller.

Fernandina Little Theatre is an intimate space, and patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance to guarantee seating availability.

For more information, visit www.ameliaflt.org.

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A Salute to The Amelia Island Film Festival

A Salute to The Amelia Island Film FestivalFriday night is movie night! This fun sounding event on February 17, 2012, promises a night of laughs and insights exploring the film industry. They have planned a tasty Club dinner and an award-winning movie, but this is a private event and not open to the public.

Too bad, but it is exciting to learn about some of our talented neighbors who live on Amelia Island.

5:00 – 6:30 P.M.
Brief Description of the Film Festival: Randy Bowman, President, Amelia Island Film Festival

What It Is Like to Make a Film: Rick Traum, Nadine Vaughan, David D’Ardenne

Three accomplished members of the film industry discuss the challenges and occasionally hilarious adventures they’ve experienced while putting life on tape. For instance, once, while taping a live commercial, Rick Traum witnessed one of the biggest stars on the planet get down on all fours to show a dog how to eat dog food! Nadine Vaughan discovered the imperative of checking for alligators before sending a film crew out to film an Everglades sequence; and David D’Ardenne found out that the “Naked look at Wildlife” he was sent out to film turned out to be of the human kind.

Q & A will follow the presentation

Here is the evening’s agenda:

6:30 – 7:15 Cocktails
7:15 – 8:00 Buffet Dinner
8:00 – 9:15 Movie “10 Years Later”

10 Years Later
When six childhood best friends return home for their ten-year high school reunion, each appears happy, successful, and excited for a night they’ll never forget. However, when an enemy from their past reenters their lives, hard hitting Kyra Lee (played by Rachel Boston) decides she isn’t going to take his abuse anymore. The rest of the group soon find themselves fumbling accomplices in a dark kidnapping plot, which none of them are sure they can pull off.

With the stakes rising, they discover that their biggest obstacles might not be the gangster waiting for them in Vegas, the sheriff knocking on their door, or the man tied up in their basement, but rather, a decades’ worth of hidden rivalries, buried emotions, and dark secrets between best friends.

Genre: Dark-Comedy, Drama, Suspense. Written and directed by Aaron Metchik Winner of numerous awards

Cost to Amelia Island Club Members: $33, plus 10% service charge, plus 7% tax.

About the Presenters
Rick Traum is an Emmy Award winning Producer. Rick received his Emmy as Executive Producer of “Displaced Person” (a/k/a “D.P.”), a film for PBS on “American Playhouse”. He also received the prestigious Cine Golden Eagle Award for the film. Rick’s background includes being senior program executive for NBC and Executive In Charge of Production for “Saturday Night Live”, Commercial Producer for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, and Executive Producer for Count Basie’s final TV Special. Film credits include being Producer on the award winning film “The Touch” and executive producer credit for a documentary about elegant old theatres, called “Popcorn Palaces.”

Rick is working on a book called Ten Days to Love, along with his wife Nadine as well as being in pre-production on the feature film “Native Land: Lost In The Mystery of Time”.

Nadine Vaughan is a Filmmaker with experience as a Screenwriter, Producer, Production Designer, and Director. While living in California, in her dual capabilities as performance specialist and clinical psychologist, she founded “Living Theatre Company” in the 1980s. There, she integrated psychology with Stanislavsky acting methods. She also won an Elly Award for best costume design and hosted a radio show for ten years.

Since returning to Florida, her film credits include working as the associate producer for a feature film called “The Touch” and as the Florida casting director for “The Diary of Preston Plummer”. She has also produced and directed several short films, commercials and most recently, she produced a music video in Central Florida, called “The Gospel Train”. Currently, Dr. Vaughan is seeking funding to turn her novel “Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time”, into a movie. As the executive producer, she recently produced two trailers for that project. Following publication of her novel,”FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage”, along with her husband, Rick Traum, she hopes to turn that story into a graphic novel and a movie.

David D’Ardenne has an extensive history in television production, with over 30 years working for the ABC Television Network (NYC). Starting as a video tape editor, he worked on news, sports, soap operas, and Good Morning America. Switching to electronic news gathering (ENG), his work included “20/20”, “Prime Time Live”, “Day One”, and “Turning Point” as well as numerous specials. In this capacity he traveled the globe extensively working with the likes of Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer. He’s worked at the White House and presidential homes, starting with Jimmy Carter.

Currently, D’Ardenne works freelance as a cameraman, sound recordist, and most recently director. An expert in the use of hidden cameras, customers include the major networks, commercials, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility. For “Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time,” D’Ardenne coordinates all technical services.

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Real Food Real Kitchens Comes to Amelia Island

Real Food Real Kitchens Comes to Amelia IslandReal Food Real Kitchens, will be LIVE at the Amelia Island Film Festival on February 24th and 25th, 2012.

This upcoming television series enjoys going in to the kitchens of Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers and other family members to get the real, traditional recipes of the family. These are the people who run the house and cook on a daily basis. They run the hearts of their homes… the kitchen.

Real Food Real Kitchens is a show that explores the kitchens, lives and foods of people from different neighborhoods around the world. This is the opportunity to get down home family recipes straight from the person who makes them. It is a look in to the lives, traditions, and culture of people who cook and create these recipes for the people they love the most.

The show will follow them to the local market to shop, through their neighborhood giving a history of their life and culture, to home where they will cook these recipes for their families and friends. It will give the complete story of the recipe and how it is intertwined to their family, culture and life. Each show will come complete with the recipe to a family kept secret that is sure to spice up any kitchen.

I don’t know if they have already selected who is cooking in our community, but you may be interested in sending them your application.

Are you a great cook? Do you have a dish that your entire family loves? The show looks for great cooks with BIG personalities that can tell a captivating story. If this sounds like you, a family member, or a friend please write to them with the following information:

    – Describe yourself and your personality.
    – What are some of your favorite dishes or types of food to cook (Ethiopian, Indian, French, American, etc…)?
    – What is your specialty?
    – Who do you cook for (family, friends, etc…)?
    – Where do you like to shop for your food?

Please include your email address and attach pictures of yourself. Send your application to: info@realfoodrealkitchens.com.

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Film for Children at Fernandina Little Theatre

Thief Lord Playing at Fernandina Little TheatreAn adventure film for children, The Thief Lord, will be showing at the Fernandina Little Theatre and the Amelia Island Film Festival on February 26th at 11:00 AM.

The Thief Lord is a tale about two young boys, Prosper and Bo, who flee to Venice after being orphaned and are dumped in the care of a cruel auntie. Hiding in the canals and alleyways of the city, the boys are befriended by a gang of young urchins and their enigmatic leader, the Thief Lord, and soon capture the interest of a bumbling detective.

This is a free show and appropriate for children of at least six years of age and they must be accompanied by an adult – but you need tickets to get in.

Tickets are available in advance at The UPS Store, located in the Publix shopping center, with remaining tickets available at the door on Saturday morning.

Remember the FLT is a small theatre so seating is limited.

David Keith Coming to Amelia Island Film Festival

David Keith

David Keith

Amelia Island Film Festival Announces its Official Selections & Schedule for 2011 Festival.

Special Academy Awards Nominated Shorts (5 Animations & 5 Live Action Shorts) to be presented at Fernandina Little Theatre the weekend of Friday, February 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday, February 20th before the Festival.

Tickets are available at UPS Store on Sadler Road next to Publix. Call (904) 321-0049 for information.

The following special screenings will be held at Island Cinema 7, with After Parties at Dog Star Tavern, Cafe Karibo & Sheffield’s at the Palace.

February 24th Opening Night Screening – In Person, Aaron M. Metchik in 10 Years Later $30.00

February 26th Saturday Night Screenings – In Person, David Keith in Beneath the Blue $30.00

February 27th Closing Night Screening and Wrap Party – In Person, Kent Moran in Listen to Your Heart $40.00

2 Academy Award nominated films are included in this year’s program:
God of Love and Waste Land.

There will be three FREE Workshops/Panel Discussions during the Festival at City Hall Chambers (Thursday at 2 PM), Florida House Inn (Friday at 9:30 AM) & Residence Inn on Sadler Road (Saturday at 9:30 AM).

To see the complete Schedule of events, screenings and ticket information – visit: AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.org or call for information (904) 335-1110

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Free Pre-Festival Screening with Stan Cottle

Stan Cottle, Filmmaker

Stan Cottle, Filmmaker

The Amelia Island Film Festival is having a Pre-Festival Screening on Thursday, February 3rd at 5:30 PM at the Golf Club at Amelia Island at Summer Beach at 4700 Amelia Island Parkway. The Heart of the Community: Restoration of the Historic Nassau County Courthouse by filmmaker Stan Cottle, who will be present to discuss his film.

Admission is FREE and open to the public with light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

Reservations are requested at (904)335-1110.

Festival organizers are excited about this year’s line-up of quality shorts and features for the 3rd Annual Festival beginning on Thursday, February 24, 2011 in Fernandina Beach.

Included are 2 Academy Award Nominated films: God of Love, a short comedy by Luke Mathney and Waste Land, directed by Lucy Walker.

Also this year to be screened in Jacksonville at WJCT studios on Wednesday, February 16 at 6 PM, and then again during the Festival on February 26 is Freedom Riders produced by Laurens Grant and Stanley Nelson. At both screenings author Ray Arsenault will be present to discuss his experiences about the historical documentary film and the momentous events during the times of major changes in integrating the Deep South.

Attending this year’s Festival events will be actor and producer David Keith to present his latest film Beneath the Blue. Also Aaron Michael Metchik will be in person to introduce his latest film 10 Years Later.

Finally the star of Listen to Your Heart, Kent Moran will be in person on the Closing Screening Sunday, February 27 to present his film to Amelia Island.

For more information please visit www.AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.org or call the AIFF Hotline at (904)335-1110.

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2011 Amelia Island Film Festival

2011 Amelia Island Film FestivalThe Amelia Island Film Festival announces its 3rd Annual Film Festival Official Selections, Visiting Guests & Activities to begin on Thursday, February 24, 2011 on Amelia Island.

Scheduled to attend this year’s fest are Aaron Michael Metchik, Kent Moran and David Keith presenting their latest 2010 films. The Opening Night Screening will be Ten Year Later in which Mr. Metchik wrote, produced, directed and starred.

On Saturday, February 26, Director and Actor Keith will present his film Beneath the Blue, in which he plays the role of Hawk. Mr. Keith has been seen in a variety of roles, both on the Large and Small screens, including An Officer and a Gentleman, The Lords of Discipline, The Great Santini, Firestarter & as Elvis Presley in Heartbreak Hotel.

As the Closing Night Screening, Kent Moran will be here to present his film Listen to Your Heart co-starring Cybil Shepherd.

On Wednesday, February 16 as a Pre-Festival Event AIFF in partnership with WJCT PBS Jacksonville studios, they will host the screening of the documentary Freedom Riders. Author Ray Arsenault will be present with one of the actual freedom riders to discussion the making of the film. This screening is free and open to the public.

Freedom Riders will be screened again during the Festival on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at a venue in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach. In person will be author Arsenault and Paul Taylor, Senior Editor at American Experience, who wrote the original script for Freedom Riders, to discuss the film and the historic events of the Civil Rights Movement that helped integrate public accommodations in the South.

For more information call the Amelia Island Film Festival Hotline at (904) 335-110 or visit their website at www.AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.org.

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AI Film Festival Submission Date Extended

AI Film Festival Submission Date ExtendedThe Amelia Island Film Festival announces extension of film submission deadline!

The AIFF announces an extension of its Film Submission deadline to November 30, 2010 for its 3rd Annual Film Festival, Meet Me in Paradise beginning on February 24, 2011 in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Categories include Best Florida Film, Best Documentary, Best Comedy/Musical, Best Short and Filmmakers Choice Award.

The AIFF Best Florida Film will be given the Second Annual Don Davis Memorial Award for the best 2010 film made in Florida. Last year’s winner went to Equinox Documentaries for Celebrating a Forgotten Place: Carr Family Cabin in the Florida Scrub.

All venues will be held in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach on the beautiful Amelia River, in Nassau County.

For more information visit: www.AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.org or call 904.335.1110.

Amelia Island Film Festival Screening

Amelia Island Film Festival Screening

Amelia Island Film Festival Screening

The Amelia Island Film Festival presents a screening event for the 2011 Film Festival. Film enthusiasts are invited to view the Irish comedy “Waking Ned Devine” along with shorts and additional animations. This event takes place on Tuesday, October 26, from 7:00 to 9:30 PM at O’Kane’s Irish Pub & Eatery located in Fernandina’s historic district at 318 Centre Street.

There is a $10.00 suggested donation, with drawings, a silent auction and a cash bar will be available for film-goers.

Tickets are available at both US Stores (one on Sadler Road and the other in Yulee) and at Books Plus on Centre Street. For more information visit www.AmeliaIslandFilmFestival.org or call (904) 335-1110.

Remaking Oyster Bay Yacht Club into a Movie Set

Oyster Bay Yacht Club turned into Oyster Bay Inn and Yacht Club for the Day

Since the late July Casting Call for extras, a film crew from Wonder Entertainment in California has been around the island with late night lighted beach sessions, water excursions and early morning dialogs.
Wonder Entertainment Producer Jane Kosek and director/story writer Sean Ackerman are about half way into turning Sean’s novel “the Diary of Preston Plummer” into a visual drama right here on Amelia Island. The published story line seems simple but deceives as a young man named Preston Plummer drives a young girl, Kate Cather, to her home on Amelia Island, FL where he uncovers dark family secrets. The dark secrets have a punch.

The cast is accomplished to say the least with Demi Moore and Bruce Willis oldest daughter Rumer Willis , who plays the female lead next to Trevor Morgan’s male lead as Preston Plummer. In the supporting roles are giant veteran actors such as Robert Loggia , Erin Dilly and Christopher Cousins.

80 Year old Loggia has a filmography longer than my arm with absolute highlights in Scarface, Prizzi’s Honor and Jagged Edge for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Loggia’s contribution to the Diary is definitely dramatic as we witnessed in today’s takes.

One of my favorite character actresses is Erin Dilly who is probably most noted for her portrayal of Truly Scrumptious in the 2005 musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for which she was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical and the Outer Critics Circle Award. And last but not least, New York born Chris Cousins  built a long and solid character reputation in dozens of TV appearances over the past 30 years.

Having been involved as sponsor to the Amelia Island Film Festival, SearchAmelia was honored with the invitation to shoot some video as the background of the production. Contractual limitations for actors made it so far impossible to nail down actor interviews, but just being on the set and witnessing the professionalism of logistical execution and organization is worth getting up for at 4:30 am this morning. Because that was the time the alarm clock ripped me out of a dream that never materialized. At 6 am, we (my wife who is an extra…and I) joined a group of some 50 excited islanders who all had indicated last month during the Casting Call that being an extra on this movie would be fun. I had our video and still cameras primed and ready to report on that fun, but noticed that a lot of glamour disappeared when local Casting Director Nadine Vaughan explained that a film set has two characteristics. One is that every action is based on “hurry up and wait” and two, there is no movie ever produced with an unlimited budget. Quite the contrary actually. Being an extra requires an “Act of Love”, and I was proud to see our local actors give so much love and brought their own snacks, even though Oyster Bay had a nice spread of coffee, beverages and cakes available for the early risers.

While filming the sunrise over the pooldeck I noticed two guys with a sign that said Oyster Bay Inn and Yacht Club and some posts moving to the front of the buildings and The Oyster Bay Yacht Club was quickly turned into the Oyster Bay Inn and Yacht Club. By the time light was “warm” enough for filming, an army of prop ants, young girls and guys who race around with signs, hammers, nails, window strips, light batteries and tri-pods and so much more, had transformed the stage look to fit the movie. And that’s when I caught a glimpse of the camera crew’s dry runs. A dry run uses a stand-in to mimick the real actor talent, while director and camera operator(s) figure out light, most dramatic effect, obstacles and what equipment to shoot with.

I was fully prepared to see some huge Panasonic 35 mm cameras line up to catch the yachtclub’s dining room, but was taken by surprise to learn how the digital age has changed especially big screen film making. The one and only piece of equipment resting on a shoulder extender seemed to be a state-of-the art Canon camera, no bigger than a professional SLR or my D-200. Definitely smaller than my Sony digital HD video camera!
I had heard through the grapevine that this movie was going to be shot on some exceptional equipment, but just the sheer size of it for a major motion picture blew me away.

In comparison, a dining room scene as in the Oyster Bay Yacht Club would have taken 2 days even less than 20 years ago. 2 Days for prepping, propping, mis-en-scene settings, light and action. Today each scene was in the can in less than 3 hours, from prep to finish. Actually I had told my wife when we drove up, not to expect any filming until about noon. Well…I was wrong!

Oyster Bay Harbour and Yacht Club perfect Setting

Of course Oyster Bay Harbour (Inn for the occasion) and Yachtclub was the ideal location without interruptions, perfect weather, beautiful scenery and a perfect back up staff in manager Tawni Fitzpatrick, beverage manager Rick and Project Coordinator Rusty Footlik.

Tomorrow(Saturday) will see a bedroom scene in one of the luxurious Marina Villas overlooking the marshes and the river, while the yacht club is hosting a private birthday party and then next week there will be more water and boating scenes on the agenda in the marina itself.

We will be interviewing Producer Jane Kelly Kosek and writer/director Sean Ackerman in the next couple of days, as a prologue to a film destination future for Amelia Island. Stay tuned.

Amelia Island Film Festival

Amelia Island Film Festival Sunday events for 2010 in Fernandina Beach.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hampton Inn & Suites
11:00 AM
One Village Same Ocean, Josh Hams Brough
The Acorn Penny, Tiffany Ann Laufer
A Blonde Thing, Antonio Sarte

1:00 PM
Man from Plains (2007), Jonathan Demme

3:00 PM
The Manchurian Candidate (2004), Jonathan Demme

Indigo Alley
11:00 AM
Jesusito de Mi Vida (My Dear Child Jesus), Jesus Perez-Miranda
El hilo de oro (The Golden Thread), Diego Sanchidrian Rubio
Somras en el Viento (Shadows in the Wind), Susan Stanley and Alice Henley

1:00 PM (Animations)
Elephants, Sally Pearce
Barbie and the Cop, John Burr, Courtney Lain and Nina Nichols
Pete’s Odyssey, Larry Lauria
We Are AllHere, Yonghwa Choi
The Mission, Fabio A. Ortega
A Piece of the Heart, Stephen McKendree
The Interview, David McLeod

3:00 PM – AIFF Best Florida Film: Don Davis Memorial Award
Celebrating a Forgotten Place: Carr Family Cabin in the Florida Scrub – Equinox Documentaries
Carving Oconee, A Rural County Fights for Its Future, Celestea Sharp

Intercoastal Wine Company
11:00 AM
The World of Suzi Wong (1960) featuring Sylvia Sims

1:00 PM
A Letter to Three Wives (1949) Academy Award Winner, Ann Southern

3:00 PM
Good Morning, Sarah Morreim
Soul Mates, Tom Flynn
Hog Wild, Nathan Clarke
11-44, Kristina Lloyd
Take my Wife, Brett Carlson (Some Nudity) AIFF Best Comedy Sid Sax Memorial Award

Amelia Island Film Festival

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hampton Inn & Suites
9:00 AM
Amelia Island Film Festival Screen-Writer’s Institute Panel, featuring Nadine Vaughan, Sharon Cobb and Rick Traum. Open to the public.

1:00 PM
The Grim Diarys, Zac Florence and Gabriella N. Eisenhart
Tile M for Murder, Nathan Boey
The Parrot, Katie Orjonikidze
Beach, Geovanna Fererico
Deedah, Brooke May

3:00 PM
The Touch, Arty Ayris, Rick Taum and Nadine Vaughan

Indigo Alley
11:00 AM
Africa’s Daughters, Natalie Halpern
High Heels, Brett Carlson
NON-LOVE-SONG, Erik Gernard
A Cigar at the Beach, Stephen Mills

1:00 PM
CLARK, Kevin J. O;Neill
Kuna Ni Nanang (My Mother Said), Jessica Sison
you’re a good man antimin, Jonathan Staav
The Miracle, Jeffrey John SMith

3:00 PM
Life on the Edge II: The President’s Dilemma?, Lea Donovan
Author’s Lore, Matthew Cooke
Badminten Bruises, Douglas Neff & Jay Douglas
Le Retour, Rachael Earnest
Brilliant, Marilyn Bright

Intercoastal Wine Company
11:00 Letter Home, Ken Pak
Butcher Boys (Silent Film), T.J. Zale
The Last Page, Kevin Acevedo
Cantata in C Major, Ronnie Cramer

1:00 PM
Blood Promise, Dwayne Tarver
Don’t Look Down, Vincente de la Vega II
Head in the Sand, David Baldwin
Storm’n the Castle, Chris and Lauren Timmons
The Assasin’s Wife, Daniel E. Solomon

3:00 PM
A Piece of Paper, Cesar Raphael
Outrage, Paul D’Agnese and Ace Cruz

Amelia Island Film Festival

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sail with the Filmmakers, sponsored by the Cumberland Sound Ferry, welcomes the Florida State Film Director, Lucia Fishborne, to the 2010 Amelia Island Film Festival. Views of Amelia Island and Cumberland Island, connect with two historic, waterfront towns in a day. There will be a Welcome and reception by the St. Marys Film Society
$22 per person roundtrip ($5 of every ticket goes back to AIFF)

Hampton Inn & Suites
$10.00 – 9:00 AM
2 Films by Filmmaker Deanna Morse (includes reception)

Island Art Association
$20.00 – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Photography Demonstration and History by Bill Raser
Scenes of Amelia Powerpoint Show by the Island Art Association Photo Group
Protrait Painting Demo by Karen McFayden
Two Film screenings, popcorn and sodas

2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Meet & Greet for Filmmakers and Art Patrons
Wine and Cheese Reception
Nouveau Art Show “Art and the Movies” Awarrds Presentation at 3:00 PM
Door Prizes
Drawing for ARt

Fernandina Beach City Hall
11:00 AM
The Agronomist (2003), Jonathan Demme
More Than Skin Deep, Stan Kozma

1:00 PM
The Curious Mr. Catsby, in partnership with the General Duncan Lamont Clinch Historical Society
One Day, Bernard Garceau

3:00 PM
Tantric Tourists (Provided by the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival), Alexander Schnelling
The Stoop, Susan E. Wilson
Zwischen Licht und Schatten/Fading Away

Indigo Alley
11:00 AM
Under Our Skin, Andy Abrahams Young, (This film was noimated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary)

1:30 PM
Magicians, Andrew O’Connor

3:30 PM
O, Michael Pitts, The Vaudevillian, Bryan Nest

Intercoastal Wine Company
11:00 AM
Run Jane Run, Lynn Estomin
The Bake Shop Ghost (AIFF Best Short Film), Loretta Bayle

1:00 PM
Broken Hill, Dagen Merrill

3:00 PM
Gypsy Vanner Horse, Mark J. Barrett
Open Diaries, Sasha Schriber

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