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First Amelia Island SunSplash

Amelia Island SunSplash is a party on the beach! June 5th enjoy a FREE reggae concert at Seaside Park in Fernandina.

Fernandina Lifeguards Open Beaches

Nationally, lifeguards rescue approximately 60,000 people from drowning each year, and an estimated 80 percent are caused by rip currents

Camp Fire Stories

The setting of a camp fire is perfect for story telling, especially stories that need to be told to understand the times we are living in.

How to Maintain Your Beach Toys

Whatever your activities happen to be at the beaches of Fernandina, it usually includes accessories and toys that need some maintenance so they will be available the next time you go to the beach.

4 Wheel Drive Means 4 Wheel Drive

4 Wheel Drive means 4 wheel drive! These signs are posted at every beach access that allows parking or driving on the beach, like Seaside Park and The South End.

Fernandina Pirate High School Football Schedule

Date Site Opponent 9/5/2008 H Bishop Snyder High School(Jacksonville) FBHS wins 61 points to 0 9/12/2008 A Bishop Kenny High School(Jacksonville) Bishop Kenny 35, FBHS 14, 9/19/2008 A Baldwin Middle-Sr. High School(Baldwin) FBHS 35, Baldwin 2 (That had to be…
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Amelia Island Film Festival

On September 25, the Amelia Island Film Festival, a non profit, 501 C 3 status organization will reel off its inaugural season. Four days of film screenings, workshops, lectures and exhibits at venues throughout the island. Running through September 28,…
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Beach Warning Flags

Pay attention to the flags flying from the lifeguard stands when you visit the beach. They are used to promote safety by identifying

Beach Access for Thousands, Could Be Lost to a Few

53 beachfront properties located in the county near Peter’s Point want to be annexed into the city limits to restrict beach driving and further reduce beach access to all other residents and visitors.