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Worst Boating Accidents

There are two things most of us learn when you live on Amelia Island: How to swim and how to safely operate a boat.

Do Not Overload Your Boat

In 2000, an Australian man met his maker while shooting ducks from his boat. The man was seated on a tiny dinghy…

Boating Safety Course

You wouldn’t drive a car unless you had learned how to drive it first, so why would you drive a boat without learning how?

Do not Fall out of Your Boat

You should never stand up in your small powerboat, canoe, or similar watercraft. This could make a small boat unstable.

Learn to Swim

Here is the latest Darwin Award for Boaters as compiled by SafeBoater. Learning to swim may have saved this man’s life!

Problem Child Recovered

Fernandina Beach Police located a capsized boat, The Problem Child, in the surf about one-hundred yards from shore.

Avoid Alcohol when Boating

The probability of being injured on the water doubles when alcohol is involved as proven by this Darwin Award nominee.

Always Wear a Lifejacket

Darwin Awards are given to people whose lack of common sense often removes them from the gene pool. And the award goes to…