Using Craigs List to Promote Your Business

craigslist_artWe’ve all been on the famed Craig’s List at some point in our internet ting and if you’re like me it took a few minutes to get your bearings on what was where and in what part of the world. After a few tries most of us got the hang of it and enjoy surfing around looking at used cars, old hammers and lawn mowers that have seen better days and so on.

One area that is getting more and more attention is that of advertising your business or services on Craig’s List, free. The services tabs have been available since I can remember but were not widely used until late 2007 early 08. Services such as carpet cleaning, pressure washing, handy man and so are what you routinely noticed when scrolling through these tabs, however today it’s a much bigger list and large companies are taking advantage as well.

Craig’s List has been known as the free site for everyone to sell anything and everything. The front page consists of a blue and white theme simple in its design and for the most part easy to use and navigate depending on your level of skills on a computer. Areas to upload pictures and text and even a tab to set yourself up an account is all easily located and again all for free. The site was started as a free site and remains today a free site and is gaining new visitors every hour. Businesses are cashing in on the large gross amount of viewers by advertising their services in a very unique way. They are primarily using the more popular tabs such as recreational vehicles, boats, cars and trucks and so on to gain the most traffic.

The ads work like this; for argument sake let’s use a law firm as an example. The law firm may post a listing under the car and truck section stating: “we take cars as trades” or “will work for a car”. When a Craig’s List viewer clicks that particular listing they find that this is a business that is willing to barter for their services. Now more than likely that particular person is in no need of an attorney, but there is a good chance he or she knows someone who does and tells them to see their ad on Craig’s List. Another business that I’ve seen several times in the Miami area will offer a high end Rolex watch complete with pictures and full description for a very good price; when a prospective customer phones he or she may learn that the particular watch listed has been sold but they have more to choose from because they are in fact a dealer. Bait and switch technique; you better believe it but it is working and working well.

Now even though this is a free site it is however highly regulated with lots of eyes watching every ad that gets posted for signs of fraud and so on. I’m not advocating the act of misrepresenting yourself or any services you offer but having an edge on your competition is paramount in these trying times. If you have a service that you would like to offer to the viewers of Craig’s List give some thought to what and how your ad should read for maximum exposure. Be realistic in your heading and if you are willing to barter be prepared to get calls expecting just that.

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