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Diet Beverages and Body Weight

To understand the relationship between drinking diet sodas and caloric intake, a team examined patterns of food and beverage consumption.

Holiday Health Reminder

Celebrating the holidays often leads us into the temptation of sweet desserts, heavy dinners and alcoholic indulgence.

My Underwear is Too Big

My old favorite underwear, that come in a package of six solid colors for a great price, now sag in the butt.

HCG: This Time It’s Personal

HCG allows you to eat very little without experiencing the pangs of hunger. The catch? You might want to sit down, there’s more than one.

Portion Control and Dieting

There is no one thing that works for everyone, but here are a few tips that may help you gain control of your food portions.

HCG Diet

I spoke with Carmen Martinez MD, about the HCG diet. HCG stands for Human Chorionic-Gonadotropin, the pregnancy hormone found in women.

Paleo Candy Bars

Way before processed foods, when humans lived in caves, our ancestors ate foods that had to be hunted, gathered or caught, as in fish.