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Travel – What is Your Return on Life?

The Travel Agency invited Kathy Johns from Lindblad Expeditions for a tete-a-tete with expedition enthusiasts on Amelia Island. In an intimate setting at Red Otter Outfitters, the audience was awed by the beauty and exhilaration of National Geographic endorsed travel to the outskirts of the planet.

Local Travel Agency hosts a Lindblad Expedition Experience

When wide body jets and cruise liners rapidly turned the opportunity to travel long distance into massive numbers (some say they democratized travel) in the 1960s, Sweden born American entrepreneur Lars-Eric Lindblad was already experimenting with a expedition style travel market that focused on seeing and appreciating the world in a much more responsible manner.

Camping: Know How To Before You Go

Sitting there in your flannel shirt with the duckbilled waterproof boots, holding a steaming hot cup of coffee while staring at an open fire with your chocolate lab contently looking on.

From the Horse’s Mouth

Destination and Hotel resort Web sites have eliminated the need for brochures and allow all participants in the travel industry to save on design,print and distribution costs.

Staycation on Amelia Island

A vacation is all about breaking your usual routine. Whether you decide to sleep in your own bed or stay in one of the many bed & breakfasts, hotels, or even beach rentals available, you can plan your activities and act as if you are out of town.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

We all want to know how we can operate our homes comfortably, yet still find ways to trim a few dollars from our utility bills. Utility bills are always rising, so you have to learn how to reduce your household consumption.

Save Money or the Environment?

By: Judie Mackie Since society is telling me it is not enough to turn off my lights when I leave the room, but now I also have to replace them with those spiral shaped bulbs whenever one burns out, I’ll…
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