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The Importance of Cash Management

Banks are not loaning money to new and small businesses, which means a strict cash plan if you still want to start or operate a small business.

Price of Oil is on the Rise

Oil prices will keep on going up because of higher exploration cost, weaker dollar, increased energy needs and tax levies; there is no way around it.

The Great Tug of War of 2010

All the government and wall street wants us to do is to give up our frugal ways and start borrowing and spending again. If only the banks would get in line with this thought.

Book Review: Iacocca: An Autobiography

I just read it for the first time‚ 25 years after its release, and it is amazing how the problems he had to address are still plaguing industries today.

Is There a Light at the End of this Tunnel?

There are many who are only working twenty or thirty hours per week. People today are applying for food stamps at the rate of twenty thousand per day, not a good sign of better economic times ahead.

Stop Sweating the Bullets of Change

The end result was that both Dean and Huckabee agreed on the fact that the 2010 elections could be devastating for Obama and the Democrats if employment has not received a sizable boost by then.