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The Truth About Inflation in a Nutshell

Have you ever seen those street hustlers and their shell games? Every now and then you will see someone win and that is nothing more than encouragement for you to throw your money in and give it a shot.

Is the Big American Slim Down on our Doorstep?

Rather then fall for the rosy predictions of the Washington and Wall Street spin doctors, because those people live in a different layer of society, SearchAmelia looks at the realities of everyday people.

Who Put the Worm in the American Pie?

Ben Bernanke’s gambit is as much financial fraud as it is a monetarist exerperiment in cynicism with regard to the management of a nation’s money.

The Conundrum of More Jobs vs Printing Money

A conundrum is a paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr once said: “the conundrum, thus far unanswered, is achieving full employment without inflation” . Hang on taxpayers, here we go again!¬† I just read a…
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It’s hard to question Warren Buffett’s Motives

Yet I do…¬† For one and the same simple reason: What seems to be a very successful person, most often got his/her wealth through some questionable actions, ulterior motive behavior or even downright criminal activity. I’ve grown up around entrepreneurial…
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The Market Follies

With an undercapitalized banking system, most of this zero-interest-rate money is not working its way out into the economy.

The US Economy is Growing Again

The private sector isn’t borrowing. Every day brings more proof. Consumer credit contracted again in September – the 8th month this year.

Sales Make the World Go Round

We should all wake up every morning with the notion that today is going to be the best sales day we have ever had.