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Economic Recovery Got a Huge Slap in the Face

Whether real or artificial, hopes of an economic recovery got a huge slap this morning, courtesy of the data patch. Here’s the quick and dirty, so listen up Fernandina Beach.

There Ought to be a Law

The rest of the world still looks quite angry at the U.S. and Washington for allowing the world financial markets to derail last year.

Has the U.S. Economy Turned the Corner?

Based on the evidence presented by the USA Today, the answer would be yes, the US economy has turned the corner. The paper has its own proprietary index that suggests 4Q in particular will serve up an upside GDP surprise…
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Companies Miss Their Revenue Targets

Much is being made of the fact that over 70% of U.S. companies are beating their low-balled earnings estimates, but the majority are still missing their revenue targets (as per Verizon and Honeywell in yesterday’s reports ‚Äî top-lines down 6.7%…
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Consumers Sorely Injured as Recession Drags On

Consumer surveys show serious concern over mounting U.S. job losses, and negative views of the Obama administration’s strategy for economic recovery. U.S. home foreclosure activity rose to a record high in the first half of the year, still the market closed up for the week.

Steal From the Rich and Give to the Poor

According to IRS data, the bottom 50% of wage earners paid a total of 2.99% of all taxes, almost none. The top 50% paid 97%. With Obama’s new scheme to pay out cash to people who pay little or no…
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Mortgage Rates Down Below 6%………

Rates on a thirty year mortgage fell below six percent this week, the first decline in the past month.¬† Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, reported that thirty year fixed rate mortgages averaged 5.94 percent, down from 6.10 percent last week….
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The $700 Billion Dollar Question

By: Nick Just a thought, but the President addressed the Nation on national TV using terms such as, “long and painful recession”, “crisis” and “edge of collapse”. Now as I see it, one could say perhaps this was the old…
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Employers Welcome Four Day Work Week

Employers Welcome Four Day Work Week By: Nick Deonas Employers today are looking for ways to increase productivity, employee morale and save on energy at the same time. The four day work week is not a new concept; it seems…
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Ronald Reagan Quote

Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. -Ronald Reagan (1986)