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Holiday Health Reminder

Celebrating the holidays often leads us into the temptation of sweet desserts, heavy dinners and alcoholic indulgence.

Cycle Class with Dancing Dan

Dan Cermak, CLUB 14 FITNESS, is a talented spin instructor creating an atmosphere for you to get a great workout and have fun, too.

Bring on the Group Fitness

Your gym friends are not your best friends, yet, your best friends don’t understand WHY you go to the gym!

Ride for Fitness 2011 Video

Cyclists had their choice of distance after an amazing ride through Fort Clinch State Park benefiting LIFT Florida.

Locker Room Etiquette

Some have no shame in the locker room and the rest of us are subjected to locker room etiquette that is less than desirable.

Tools of the Fitness Instructor

With cash prizes on the line, many have become secretive about their losses in anticipation of this week’s final weigh-in.