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Amelia Island Garden Show

The Fernandina Farmer’s Market is hosting the first ever, two day, Amelia Island Garden Show, with over 50 “invitation only” vendors and industry experts in March.

Protecting Your Plants from the Freezing Weather

On Amelia Island, Florida, where it only freezes a handful of times per year at the most, people need to know the best way to protect their tender tropical plants from the freezing weather.

Growing Summer Vegetables in North Florida

We still have at least 60 to 75 days of warm weather left and many plants will produce fruit in less than this time. I recommend using already established plantings, rather then starting from seed as this lengthens the harvest time.

The Century Plant on Amelia Island

The Century Plant, or Agave Americana, is originally from Mexico but now grows in a variety of places and Amelia Island is one of them.