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Hearing Aids Can Help

Hearing aids can’t restore your hearing the way that reading glasses correct vision but, a hearing aid can help you by making sounds louder.

How to Flush Out Kidney Stones

Everyone is at some risk for developing kidney stones. “It is a very common condition,” says Dr. Ziya Kirkali, a urologist at NIH. “One out of 11 individuals in the U.S. is affected by this disease.”

Preventing and Treating Drug Abuse

A substance use problem is a chronic disease that requires lifestyle adjustments and long-term treatment, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Keeping Your Gut in Check

Your digestive, or gastrointestinal (GI), tract runs from your mouth to your anus. It’s about 30 feet long and works to break food and drink.

FSCJ Offers Free Oral Cancer Screening

Attendees are invited to the FSCJ Dental Hygiene Clinic for complimentary oral cancer screenings with students under the supervision of clinic dentists.

Coping With Grief – Life After Loss

Connecting to those things that are most important, including the relationship with the person who died, can help you co-exist with the pain of grief.

Keep Your Digestive Juices Flowing

The pancreas lies behind your stomach. It’s surrounded by the intestines, liver, and gallbladder. These neighboring organs work together to help you digest your food.

Addiction and the Brain

The luncheon will be held on February 21, at the Fernandina Beach Police Department’s Community Room located at 1525 Lime street, in Fernandina Beach.