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Gold Discovered Today

News of the California treasure quickly spread causing the population of San Francisco to grow from about 800 in 1848 to, just one year later, over 50,000.

In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The holiday will be officially celebrated on Monday, January 18th, but today is the actual birthday of this man whose life will always be celebrated by Americans.

Do You Remember When?

Take a look at this list and see how many of these you remember from your childhood. Come on… I Double-Dog-Dare-Ya!

Are we Spoiled or on a Mission?

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the Fernandina water smells a bit chlorinated, learn about how things used to be and ask yourself if you are spoiled or on a mission.

Interesting Bit of History

In the olden days, urine was used to tan animal skins and some very interesting phrases developed that are still used today.

Fort Clinch State Park

On Amelia Island, at the entrance to the St. Mary‚Äôs River and the Cumberland Sound is a pentagonal brick fort. Fort Clinch was named for General Duncan Lamont Clinch, an important figure and American army officer who served as a…
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