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Menopause Wisdom from Grandma

Well, my 89 year old grandmother is at it again. She is dishing up advice about mid-life and menopause and slinging it to all of us via the internet.

Skinny Dipping in Northeast Florida

One evening, years after his retirement to this lovely property in Florida, he grabbed a five gallon bucket and headed to the pond to pick some fresh fruit.

Just for Laughs

A friend sent me these, author unknown, but some of them are sure to make you laugh.

Wisdom from Grandma for 2010

Grandma sent me notice that my contract of friendship, after serious and cautious consideration, has been renewed. She added that I should not screw it up!!!

If I Were Santa

Helping your friends age would be easier… If I Were Santa!

News of the Weird

In the Holiday Season we will give you some impressions from scenes around the world and at home, especially the weird and wacky ones.

World Laughter Day

In honor of World Laughter Day, please enjoy the following jokes that are sure to offend just about everyone.