Comedian Amy Beckham’s Take on Election 2016

Just in time for Election 2016, local Comedian Amy Beckham offered her poetic take on the presidential candidates.

Amy Beckham is the optometrist at the Yulee Mall, better known as the Super Walmart. Most of the people I know use her as their eye doctor, including my entire family, BUT – did you know she is also a stand-up comedian? I had the pleasure of catching her show at the Amelia Musical Playhouse theatre on Amelia Island Saturday evening, and she gave me permission to film and share a portion of that show… this 3 1/2 minute take on Election 2016 is sure to put a smile on your face!

To learn more about Amy, please visit:

Mark Kaufman and Donna Paz Kaufman Present to Rotary

Mark Kaufman and Donna Paz Kaufman Present to RotaryMark Kaufman and Donna Paz Kaufman were recent guests of The Rotary Club of Amelia Island Sunrise and gave a presentation on the future of retail bookstores.

Their company, Paz and Associates – The Bookstore Training Group, helps booksellers develop knowledge and skills to successfully operate profitable, independent bookstores.

In addition to helping them in their operations, they can help with store design, layout, lighting and all aspects of effective marketing. They also have expertise in cafe operations, which is becoming a common feature of bookstores.

Mark and Donna stated that the independent bookstore industry is healthy and growing. Rotarians found the presentation interesting and informative.

Rotary is an international service organization with over 34,000 clubs world-wide. The Amelia Island Sunrise Club meets Fridays at the Fernandina Beach Golf Club at 7:30 a.m.

Live in Flip Flops, an Amelia Island Company

Live in Flip Flops, a Northeast Florida, woman-owned company, has launched their fourth calendar in the Flip it series; Flip it… for God’s Glory – Faith-filled Messages to Flip Your Day!

Unlike a tear-off calendar, Flip it is a “perpetual” calendar to be enjoyed every day, year after year. Each calendar measures approximately 4″ x 3″ and weighs just under a pound, then bound with a durable spiral coil and a built-in easel stand. Flip it… for God’s Glory is bursting with 366 faith-inspired quotes, powerful Scripture verses and uplifting prayers certain to brighten your day!

• Your ordinary story bears the fingerprints of an extraordinary God.
• “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
• Faith is not believing that God can; it is knowing that God will.
• Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are!
• If God is all you have, you have all you need!
• Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you realize that God is The Rock at the bottom.
• Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.
• If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten… You Are One!

Visit to view additional decorative items, as well as the growing collection of Flip it calendars; Flip it… Inspiring Messages to Flip Your Day, Flip it… for Dog Lovers, Flip it… and Get Organized, and upcoming editions, Flip it… for New Parents, Athletes, Caregivers, Couples and more!

Live in Flip Flops is a registered trademark with corporate offices in Amelia Island, Florida.
All products are created and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Amelia Toffee Company uses Beer, Rum and Bourbon, NOT Your Grandma’s Toffee

amelia-toffee6-2016Amelia Toffee Company is the ONLY toffee made with the mgic of beer, rum and bourbon; this is NOT your grandma’s toffee!

Amelia Island, FL – With each bite of Amelia Toffee, first-time fans rave about the consistency, not too hard. just the right firmness and it melts in the mouth. Anita Comisky’s new confection has hit northeast Florida with meteoric acclaim since its debut on the culinary scene in July 2015.

Although Comisky dabbled with making toffee as a child with her mother and grandmother, her first commercial production of the buttery smooth toffee’s diverse flavors boasts the unique and distinctive tastes of:

– Beer (Great Divide’s Yeti Chocolate) ~ brewed in Denver, CO
– Rum is made at The Distillery in St. Augustine, Florida
– Bourbon is Maker’s Mark
– Coffee extract from Amelia Bay (formulated specifically for Amelia Toffee)

“I’ve done a lot of research about taste and what is innovative. As I spent hours walking fancy food shows, farmers markets, liquor stores and specialty food stores, I realized I wanted to do something unique and introduce infusing with alcoholic beverages and flavors. The current generation is eager to try new things; they enjoy tasting and then purchasing.”

Amelia Toffee Company was created in 2015 to provide innovative toffee flavors to die-hard toffee lovers. Each day Comisky discovers new flavors that elevate her grandmother’s original toffee recipe, infusing with beer, coffee extract, rum and bourbon and fresh green tea extract. Maintaining the lightness of flavor with her rich crunchy toffee, fans open each bag that is filled with love and exciting flavorful toffee.

amelia-toffee6-2016-217Blending her grandmother’s affection for new tastes and father’s exploration of new foods, she developed a curiosity to be creative. The specialty toffee is eye pleasing first, yet appeals to all senses when eating, a crunchy sound, the irresistible smell of combined ingredients and then an unforgettable taste.

A. Chocolate comes from Chocoley ~ Atlanta, Georgia family-owned company
B. Almonds are roasted and dusted with sea salt from Jerry’s Nuts in Denver, Colorado ~ family-owned company
C. Amelia Toffee uses the best butter locally sourced in northeast Florida ~ with recipe 1-to-1 butter to sugar
D. Beer ~ Great Divide – one of the best craft brewers in the US
E. Rum ~ The Distillery, St. Augustine, Florida
F. The unique cooking process is via electric heat, using thin pots that conduct the heat well and manage the Florida humidity.

Each season and celebration will challenge Amelia Toffee to develop new flavors and combinations.

For more information, or to find out where to purchase Amelia Toffee, visit their website at:

Longtime Property Appraiser Employee Retires

Janet Gill and Mike HickoxNassau County, FL – Janet Gill, a longtime employee of the Nassau County Property Appraiser’s Office, retired at the end of May after 39 years of service.

According to current Property Appraiser Mike Hickox, Janet has worked for 6 of the 9 elected Property Appraisers. “She has years of institutional knowledge and is truly irreplaceable.”

A native of Callahan, Janet began working for Eddie McKendree in 1977 as a data entry clerk. She would then work her way up into supervisory roles and take the lead on the Save-Our-Homes Amendment.

A celebration was held in Janet’s honor as nearly 60 current and former co-workers, friends, and family attended, including former Property Appraiser Greg Haddock and Ms. Patsy Page, wife of the late Property Appraiser James Page.

Pictured are Janet Gill and Mike Hickox.

Local Author Releases New Book, TICO!

Local Author Releases New Book, TICO!Fernandina Beach resident, Dr. Richard A. Smith, releases his debut children’s book, TICO.

WHEN: Saturday, October 17th, 3:00-5:00 PM
WHERE: Lulu’s, 11 South 7th Street, historic Fernandina Beach.

All are welcome to stop by Lulu’s at the Thompson house for a meet and greet, and book signing. Rich will be there as well as the book’s illustrator, Mandy Stoffa.

TICO is the story of one girl, one dog, two countries and three languages. Poor, lonely puppy Tico lives on the streets of Costa Rica. He has no family, and barely survives on scraps and handouts. One day, Tico meets an outgoing American student, and she starts to feed and care for him. But, when the student has to return to the U.S., will Tico be forced to go back to living on the streets?

Based on a true story, TICO is written in English and in Spanish. Read it in one language and then flip it around to read it in the other. What’s the third language? Wait & see!

TICO is by Dr. Richard A. Smith and illustrated by Mandy Stoffa. María Díaz created the Spanish translation and Jude Dvorak designed the book layout.

rich-smith-authorDr. Richard A. Smith is Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, where he taught for over 20 years. His teaching experiences at the elementary and middle school levels aided in the development of his first children’s book, TICO. He lives on Amelia Island, Florida with his wife of over 50 years, Julie, and works as Director of Parish Life at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Fernandina Beach.

Mandy K. Stoffa is a fifth generation Floridian who draws inspiration for her artwork from the beauty and natural surroundings of her native state. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from Florida State University, and has taught and created art in various media for many years. She lives in North Florida with her husband and her kitty cat, Violette.

After the book release on October 17th, copies of TICO can be purchased on

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Tony Crawford Reflects on Lomi Lomi Massage

Tony Crawford Reflect on Lomi Lomi MassageOver my 20 years as an L.M.T., I have come across many therapists who aren’t familiar with the art of Lomi Lomi Massage. It is not a well known modality, and it is taught in very few schools throughout the country. I had never heard of it in my first ten years of practice. Then, I discovered a Lomi Lomi workshop.

Other than having the courage to initially sign up for massage school, taking that workshop was the second most important career choice I have made. It was a true game changer. This work has changed the way I think about Massage. It has helped my client’s well-being tremendously. It has increased my business, and, more importantly, it has changed the way I think as I proceed with my life’s journey.

Lomi is performed using your forearms much more so than in Swedish Massage. It is using your body weight to your advantage. This allows long flowing motions that will relax both your body and your mind.

What is Lomi?
If you think of massage as a powerful form of healing, then Lomi must be considered one of the most profound forms of massage. These are bold words, but true. Lomi Lomi loosely translated means to knead, or to rub. It is an ancient form of Hawaiian bodywork that was considered by some to be a rite of passage for the villagers, performed by kahunas and elders. Each community had its own style and form of Lomi. At the end of the day it was still about healing, healing the body, healing the mind, and healing the spirit. I have found it to be a form of cleansing, and through your work and your presence, you can facilitate healing, allowing your client to let go of both physical pain, as well as emotional pain.

We have all learned in school the typical sequence of Swedish massage. Most therapists been trained to work from body part to body part. We finish the back then move on to an arm or leg, rarely going back to the part already worked. Your client can “guess” what’s next, when it is time to turn over, and when you are done. This keeps their conscious mind working in a logical pattern, following your moves and keeping track of your work. It feels great, but are they really relaxing and letting go? Is any emotional healing taking place?

Lomi works on a different and deeper level. Lomi works the whole body as one and not just as individual parts. Lomi is best described as a “rhythmic dance around the body.” It works from the neck, down the back, and down the legs, then back up and over to the other side. This sequence is repeated as needed stopping along the way and concentrating on a leg, a back or arm as the practitioner feels is needed, then going back to the “dance.”

The great part about Lomi is that as you work the muscle structure becomes warm and loose and deep work becomes so much easier on you and less painful to your client. An example I often use with my students is that a muscle is like a stick of butter. Take a stick of butter out of the refrigerator. Try putting your finger in it, you can’t. Rub that butter for a few minutes and your finger goes deeper and deeper. Massage, any massage, is no different than that stick of butter. Lomi has a special way of warming and caring for each muscle so deeper work can be performed easily, painlessly, and as needed.

Lomi is performed on a clean table using no sheet on the table itself. I have heard gasps of astonishment from some therapists when they heard of this practice. The reason, however, is rather simple. While your client is in the supine position you have complete and easy access to working their back without interference of a sheet. A “run” can be performed by going up the body from the feet, continuing to the hip, and transversing under the back. Or, while standing at your client’s head, you can place your hands under the shoulders and work down to the sacrum area and “lift” and pull your hands back towards the head along the vertebral groove. These are some of the most appreciated runs by my clients. Often as you work a back in this manner you will hear them release pent up emotions. The power of this work is astonishing.

There is a powerful healing process that is inherent in Lomi. A very wise lady told me once that “when you are born, your life is like an empty bowl. As we age and go through life that bowl gets full of stones, issues if you will: life experiences, loves, losses, hurts, and sorrows, all of the common emotions we share as humans. Lomi facilitates a way of throwing some of the stones out of that bowl. It can help clear the body and mind of some negative experiences as well as help to remember a joyous time or person who has touched us in a special way”.

As I said earlier, standard Swedish massage engages the conscious mind. The dance of Lomi and the unpredictability of where the practitioner is going next shuts down the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to surface. I have found this to be one of the more intriguing parts of the work. Once a client relaxes and stops thinking about what you are going to work on next two things usually occur: total relaxation and, more importantly, deep healing can be experienced.

Our bodies are memory banks of past emotions and experiences. We hold these thoughts in our muscles, in our cells, and right down to our DNA. In many ways we are our past, and we are our ancestors to whom we share a common bond. Lomi provides a safe and healing space, should the client allow for these emotions to surface. You, as a practitioner, are creating and holding a safe and caring space for your client, being totally present and supporting them in their healing process. —Powerful and meaningful work.

I have been an L.M.T. since 1996. I was graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage and have been practicing in Florida for the past 17 years. I have studied and advanced my Lomi training through Sacred Lomi. I have taught and practiced Lomi throughout the United States and abroad. I am currently associated with the Massage program at FSCJ in Jacksonville and work and live on Amelia Island. If I can be of any assistance with information concerning Lomi, please contact me at, or by calling my cell at: (904) 557-8350.

Tony Crawford L.M.T.
Florida License #MA 0027867

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Police Captain David Bishop Graduates from FBI in Quantico

Police Captain David Bishop Graduates from FBI in QuanticoFernandina Beach, FL – Police Captain David Bishop Graduates from Prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA

Among the two-hundred-twenty (220) law enforcement officers that graduated from the FBI National Academy Program at Quantico, Virginia on March 20th, Fernandina Beach Police Captain David Bishop became the first city officer to complete the program in more than a decade. The 259th Session of the National Academy consisted of men and women from across the United States, and also included members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 24 international countries, six military organizations and five federal civilian organizations.

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy Program, held at the FBI Academy, offers 10 weeks of advanced operational, investigative, management, leadership and fitness training for selected officers having proven records as professionals in leadership roles within their agencies. On average, these officers have 19 years of law enforcement experience and usually return to their agencies to serve in executive-level positions.

Training for the program is provided by the FBI Academy instructional staff, Special Agents, and other staff members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise.

The graduating officers were represented by the class spokesperson, Joshua Lamb, Sergeant First Class with the Georgia Department of Public Safety, in Atlanta, Georgia. A total number of 48,118 graduates now represent the FBI National Academy since it began in July 1935. Of this number, approximately 16,683 are still active in law enforcement. FBI Director James Comey was the principal speaker at the ceremony.

Captain Bishop has served the City of Fernandina Beach Police Department since 1990. He was the department officer of the year in both 1993 and 2003. While at the FBI Academy he took a full educational load, in addition to the many group activities, and earned 17 college credits from the University of Virginia. He cites the many evening lectures and the powerful relationship opportunities as “impactful and beneficial,” and looks forward to applying these lessons learned to his routine duties now that he has completed this important training.

Captain Bishop also earned his “yellow brick” for successfully completing the Yellow Brick Road Physical Challenge.

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Amelia Island’s Mark of a Man has been Published

Amelia Island's Mark of a Man has been PublishedFernandina Beach, FLAmelia Island’s Mark of a Man is the much anticipated third novel in The Goodbye Lie, a historical romance series. Set in the bustling Victorian seaside town of Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, author Jane Marie Malcolm, wife of former mayor Bruce Malcolm, once again awakens the beloved Dunnigan family characters to tease and treat readers. “Where ‘Little House on the Prairie’ meets ‘Gone With The Wind’” is the phrase often used to describe TheGoodbye Lie and Amelia Island’s Velvet Undertow, the first two books of this trilogy.

Amelia Island’s Mark of a Man lives up to that description, as well. The time is 1898. Amidst the Spanish American War and a devastating hurricane, the Dunnigans struggle to salvage their once wonderful island existence, now dripping with danger. Hero or heel, Pat Dunnigan lives hard and loves wild. His sister, Marie, is a magnet for trouble. Will she forgive the unforgettable? Will Pat’s demons become hers? Sprinkled throughout are Grandmother Peeper and Aunt Noreen, who continue their hilarious squabbling.

“Intense drama, passion and laughter satisfy every emotion. With an assortment of realistic characters, convincing dialogue and slap-you-silly moments, Amelia Island’s Mark of a Man will delight and charm,” Kate Brown, author of The Rose Legends, points out.

AmeliaIsland’s Mark of a Man is part of a trilogy comprised of individual sagas focusing on the suspenseful entanglements of each of the grown Dunnigan children from the Isle of Eight Flags, called Amelia Island. Packed with mystery, humor and insight, it illuminates how romance and family love never go out of style, encouraging readers to cherish their own families and to realize that with understanding, comes forgiveness.

Amelia Island’s Markof a Man, is by Jane Marie Malcolm. You can contact the author be email at:

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book sources everywhere.

About the Author
Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Jane Marie Harkins Malcolm is also known to her readers as Gracious Jane Marie. Shec elebrates heart and home every day with roses, recipes, and romance at, her family friendly blog, which includes The Goodbye Lie Diaries. Former first lady of Fernandina Beach, Florida, by virtue of marriage to former mayor Bruce Malcolm, she makes her home on Amelia Island, Florida with their cat, Button, and Abby, the singing Chihuahua. An avid handbell ringer and artisan, she is also a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, Post 54, the Amelia Island Museum of History, and the General Duncan Lamont Clinch Historical Society of Amelia Island.

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VIP Dog Salon Grooms Aflac Duck

 VIP Dog Salon Grooms Aflac DuckThe Aflac Duck had a great time being groomed at the VIP Dog Salon this morning. He was a little messy from playing out in the duck pond but that didn’t deter Jennifer! Jennifer had The Aflac Duck looking spiffy in a flash!

Jennifer is the owner and Senior Groomer at VIP Dog Salon and NOW boarding! She was born and raised in Bristol, CT and started working with dogs when she was 8 years old. Jennifer was even a Jr. Handler in AKC shows until she was 17. At 18, Jennifer started working at Petco as a dog bather and was quickly asked if she would like to attend training as a groomer. Jennifer worked as a groomer for Petco for a little over a year before being offered a position in West Harford, CT in a private salon with a master groomer who mentored Jennifer and taught her so much. Jennifer spent 5 years with this master groomer while growing in her field attending trade shows and seminars.

Jennifer takes great pride in her education as a groomer as well as studying animal behavior and pack mentality as well as basic health, anatomy, CPR and first aid. After completing an extensive course, Jennifer worked as an intern with some of the best veterinarian’s in the CT area. Jennifer was offered jobs in veterinary medicine but refused the offers because grooming is her passion.

Jennifer is truly passionate about grooming. She really enjoys training puppies to stand on the table and become a dog that loves grooming. Jennifer takes pride in the fact that her clients love her and really like to come back and greet her with big wet kisses. Aflac Duck waited his turn for a smooch too after his grooming! VIP Dog Salon is one the newest businesses in Fernandina Beach to offer Aflac to their staff! Congratulations Jennifer on choosing Aflac for your voluntary benefits!

VIP Dog Salon is excited to announce that they are now offering boarding! Be sure to stop in or call Jennifer at VIP Dog Salon, 1559 S. 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 or (904) 628-1847.

Article contributed by Nancy Dervaes.

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American Ninja Warrior Amputee Contestant Visits Rotary

American Ninja Warrior Amputee Contestant Visits Rotary
American Ninja Warrior’s first amputee contestant, Stephen France, visited the Rotary Club of Amelia Island Sunrise on September 19th, as their guest speaker.

France is a 33-year-old amputee who was involved in a crushing accident at a truss plant in 2006. Earlier this year he made Ninja history by being the first amputee to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

(You can watch the full episode on, season 6 episode 4).

Stephen’s lifelong belief has always been to be a champion. Even after losing his left leg below his knee, his goal never changed and he found a new way to pursue it. And now he has turned that goal into a quest: dedication, discipline, determination, and a parkour gym.

Parkour is getting from point A to point B as fluid and fast as possible through a series of obstacles.

Stephen France’s goal is to raise money for a facility for kids, teens and adults that will contain an interchangeable obstacle course and classes for future ninjas that strengthen mind, body, and spirit to confront and defeat any strenuous obstacle one may face in life.

If interested in learning more about Stephen and his journey, email him at

Stephen is pictured here with Rotary Club president, Mark Cutshaw.

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Megabite Set to Interview Remote Data Backup’s Daniel Dugal

Megabite Set to Interview Remote Data Backup's Daniel DugalLocal Entreprenuer Deryck Burnett, owner of Megabite in Fernandina Beach, has an interview scheduled with Daniel Dugal, the CEO and founder of Remote Data Backups, on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 4:00 PM.

The show can be found by using this link: and you can click now to set a “reminder”.

Remote Data Backups, Inc. has been a leader in business-class cloud backup since 1999. The company is a HP partner and provides data backup solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. Remote Data Backups offers a cost-effective, convenient and secure way to automatically back up your critical data using HP cloud technology.

Megabite is a computer repair company on Amelia Island. They service both PC and Macs, and Deryck has quickly earned a reputation for his expertise in managed IT servies and tech support for business owners. Your data, whether personal photos, business tax documents or original art, is the most important thing on your computer. Deryck understands the serious side effects associated with lost data and can help your small to medium business prepare a disaster recovery plan.

“There have been a number of bargain basement services entering the market with a barrage of advertising.” Deryck said. “We understand that some people simply make business decisions based on price alone, but when it comes to vital needs like secure data, cheaper is NOT better! That’s like buying the cheapest parachute, life insurance or eye surgery!”

When you lose your data, you can lose your business. Remote Data Backups protects data for banks, hospitals, financial institutions, government offices, commercial businesses, mobile salespeople, home users and anyone else with important data.

What sets Remote Data Backups (RDB) apart from cheaper backup solutions?

RDB is for Business, bargain-basement backups are for home users. “Bargain” backup services are targeted toward the average home user and never claim to be suitable or adequate for protecting valuable business data.

Remote Data Backups has had a stellar history of protecting data for business clients, including over 200 recognizable franchise brands, in dozens of countries globally over the last decade.

A History of Reliable Data Protection
Most cut-rate backup services popping up recently are owned by speculative venture capital funding companies ill-equipped to handle the volume of customers brought in by expensive national marketing campaigns. And while the introductory pricing structure may seem too low to resist, once the initial round of funding expires the providers are forced to make a price hike (for example, one major provider raised their rates by 5x this spring).

24/7 Support
When clients are in a panic and need to restore data, it is essential they can call an experienced, technically-knowlegeable support person to help them through it. With a non-business backup service, support is extremely limited. It can be a major challenge not only to speak with a live person by phone — in a reasonable time frame, who is helpful and technically competent — or even access useful documentation online. It’s like booking a convention center with bargain rates for cramming 10,000 business tycoons into a room made for 100 — you may save a few bucks, but the results are bound to be disastrous.

The support staff at Remote Data Backups is readily available by phone, toll-free 24/7, with little or no hold time. Each of their technicians has been with the company for at least 3 years and came to them with over a decade of prior hands-on IT experience.

Bandwidth and Performance
Bandwidth is one major commodity backup companies need to account for. When you give unlimited space for a few bucks a month, you are forced to govern bandwidth.

Remote Data Backups provides redundant bandwidth using multiple telecom providers via world-class connections. That way they can provide nearly limitless up-and-downstream for unparalleled transfer speed and performance.

Successful, Timely Data Restores
When clients need to restore a lost file, they don’t have time to wait. A backup service is only as valuable as the reliability and timeliness of a restore.

While to the novice observer backups may seem like simple, straightforward file transfers, the complexity of restoring incremental file changes can cause problems with less-tested software. RDB can say definitively they have never lost a client’s backup data.

World-Class Data Centers and Security
Another area where low-rate backup services cut corners is the equipment and infrastructure used to store and manage your data. Outdated technologies, overloaded servers, lack of security, monitoring and redundancy can be major signs of concern.

Remote Data Backups uses the world’s most secure data centers, located in ultra-secure private limestone mines located 100-200 feet below ground and separate by 1,100 miles. All data received by either hardened Data Center is immediately replicated to its mirror – connected by point-to-point, high-speed WAN links. Data received by either Data Center is immediately replicated to the other, so an unlikely outage or disaster at one location will not affect your data availability or service performance.

Each facility uses high-performance HP Servers with fail over and redundancy, continuous server monitoring and performance tuning, assuring that storage capacity is never exceeded. We maintain best practices networking and best-of-breed routers, switches, firewalls, servers, facilities infrastructure, power grids and telecommunications circuits are all deployed with backup components to maximize fail over and redundancy.

Other physical security features include:
-Redundant power supply using backup generators with full power for up to 7 days
-Redundant completely independent electrical systems, power train, commercial power feeds, cooling system, UPS systems, dedicated A/C units, generator systems and fuel system
-Environment and climate controlled facilities, resistant to seismic activity and other natural disasters, with Class A vaults with OSHA certified fire suppression and EPA certified water treatment plants and clean air fire extinguishing systems (CAFES)
-Level 4 (highest) security rating, 24/7 armed security, maintenance & service operation
-Finger scanners for physical access, motion detectors, CCTV monitoring & camera tracking
-Failed account access attempts are logged and reviewed to prevent unauthorized access
-Privacy and Security of your Data

With such low rates, a lot companies provide cheap data storage for alterior motives – data mining. That’s right, it says right in their User Agreement that they are free to use your own “private” data for their own marketing purposes. If that doesn’t bother you, be sure to check the regulatory compliance laws that affect your industry. If you use a data backup company that mines your data, you won’t pass an audit and can face serious fines and penalties for compromising the privacy and security of your clients’ private data.

With Remote Data Backups, you set your own private encryption key, which they never have access to. Your data is encrypted before leaving your computer, in transit and stored at their data centers, using bank-level 128-bit AES encryption, so without the key it cannot be accessed.

Bottom Line:
How valuable is your clients’ data, and your reputation? Can you risk your clients’ data, and your reputation, on an unproven, cut-rate backup service just to save a few bucks?

Dugal is excited to announce, “All HP StoreEasy storage devices sold will have Remote Data Backup’s LiveVault hands-free-trial displayed as an option during setup. Links on the StoreEasy desktop and start-up menu will also point to”

There are a variety of external hard drives and flash drives available to backup your data, but they all have disadvantages, which I shared in an article earlier this summer: Disadvatages of External Hard Drive and Flash Drive Backups.

Listening in on Daniel and Deryck’s conversation promises to be much more than an education in backing up your important data.

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3rd on 3rd St with Nick Deonas

3rd on 3rd St with Nick DeonasJuly 18th at 6:00 PM, the Amelia Island Museum of History presents 3rd on 3rd with a Presentation by Nick Deonas.

This 3rd Friday of the month, on 3rd Street, has invited special guest Nick Deonas to deliver a presentation on boatbuilding.

Nick is the son of Jimmy Deonas and the grandson of Mike Tiliakos, skilled Greek craftsmen who helped establish the tradition of world-class boatbuilding in Fernandina.

This program is free for members with a suggested donation of $5 for nonmembers. Seating is first-come, first-served.

For more information contact Gray at 261-7378 ext 102, or

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