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No Light until Valentine’s Day

Would you like to live in a place with 4 months of perpetual darkness and 4 months of daylight when temperatures don’t go higher than 45°F?

I Love Reading in the Bathroom

Finally I have re-acquainted with the spot where I can truly enjoy the quietness of reading. The smallest room in the house.

Giving Starts the Process of Receiving

He decided that he no longer could let circumstances decide for him; he decided that it was not the economy’s fault that he was in his predicament, it was his mindset that was wrong.

Carrying a weapon? Better have your permit on you

So you‚Äôve been through the mandatory concealed weapons class, watched the videos and shot a weapon at a gun range.¬† You’ve taken the time to fill out all the required state paperwork, including background checks and finger prints, packaging them…
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Tattoo You

Body art is turning into a socially accepted expression of individuality and celebration of life.