2014 Sponsorship, Donation and Vendor Opportunities

2014 Sponsorship, Donation and Vendor OpportunitiesThe Nassau Sport Fishing Association is looking for sponsors, donations and vendors for one of the four tournaments during the Kingfish Tournament and Fishing Rodeo to be held August 2, 2014.

There will be several prize drawings throughout the event beginning on Friday night, August 1st, along with a silent auction taking place on site Friday and Saturday. In addition there will be raffle ticket sales for several weeks in advance with a drawing held on Saturday night August 2nd as part of the awards ceremonies.

We would be very grateful for any level of sponsorship you would consider or any prize donation you could make.

The Nassau Sport Fishing Association, founded in 1983, is a 501c3 non profit organization, created to develop and promote salt water fishing in the Nassau County area while adhering to state, federal and local regulations, to encourage compliance with rules of water safety by club members and the general public, and to promote youth related community and other civic minded activities.

Any donation you make to NSFA is tax deductible to you or your company because of our 501c3 status we have been granted by the IRS.

For tax purposes we are considered a charitable educational organization.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation of a silent auction item or raffle prize for this event just click on the link below.
2014 Donation Form

If you or your company would like to become a sponsor for this event just click on the link below. After discounting the amount of your sponsorship by any goods or services you would receive in exchange for being a sponsor, the remaining amount of your sponsorship would be considered tax deductible.
2014 Sponsor Form

To become an exhibitor at the tournament site on Friday and Saturday just click on the link below.
2014 Vendor Exhibitor Form

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at info@nsfafish.net

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2010 Kingfish Tournament [Video]

2010 Kingfish Tournament

2010 Kingfish Tournament

The 2010 kingfish tournament is over and there were just over 90 boats that participated in the two days of fishing to gain bragging rights and a boatload of prizes in the waters off of Northeast Florida!

The Nassau Sport Fishing Association sponsors this annual tournament that concludes with a fish fry on Amelia Island that is open to the public on Saturday afternoon.

In case you didn’t make it to downtown historic Fernandina Beach to see these king mackerel as they were brought ashore to be weighed in, here are the video highlights from this year’s Tournament of Champions, one of the stops for the Southern Kingfish Association saltwater fishing tour.


Southern Kingfish Association

Southern Kingfish Association

Southern Kingfish Association

You may have noticed the excitement this weekend surrounding the Nassau Sportfishing Association’s Tournament of Champions Kingfish Tournament. This event is sanctioned by the Southern Kingfish Association, but what is the SKA?

The Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) was founded in 1991 and has emerged as America’s largest offshore saltwater tournament trail. From 11 tournaments in 1991, today the trail has over 50 events from the Gulf Coast of Texas, along the Gulf States, around the peninsula of Florida and up to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The SKA also hosts an additional five events each season known as the Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour. These highly skilled fishing teams compete for over $600,000 in prize money.

SKA Headquarters

SKA Headquarters

Headquarted in St. Augustine, Florida, the SKA partners with some pretty big names in fishing such as Mercury, Garmin, West Marine and Contender to put on these great events.

Lasy year the cost of fuel and the questionable economy effected the number of fishing teams that enter these tournaments, as does the number of tournaments in a particular area. As more tournaments are added, people have to weigh a number of factors when they choose which tournament to enter and the prize money is based on the number of entries. Too many tournaments dilute the prize money. With the oil spill in the gulf and more and more areas being closed to fishing, it will be interesting to see how fishing tournaments fare during this crisis. While glancing around the SKA website’s schedule, we did find two tournaments have been cancelled in Division Seven, the Northern Gulf.

Just this week, the Mobile Jaycees cancelled the 2010 53rd Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament and Dauphin Island’s 78th Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo in the following press release:

Mobile, AL (June 14, 2010) – Due to the increasing closures of federal and state waters and the uncertainty surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Board of Directors & Executive Committee has come to the difficult decision to cancel the 2010 53rd Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament and the 2010 78th Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. While we appreciate the support of our anglers, sponsors, and the general public, we are saddened that we will be unable to host your community fishing tournament.

While this decision was difficult, the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Board of Directors and Executive Committee wish to give its support to those dramatically impacted by this accident; families that have lost loved ones, and those whose livelihood depends on our Gulf’s natural resources.

We look forward to continuing our tournaments in 2011.

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Impact on the Community

1. Annually funds the Mobile Jaycees Children’s Christmas Shopping Tour.
2. Plans monthly donations to several non-profit organizations in the community.
3. Donates to the University Of South Alabama Department Of Marine Science. Each year, there is a large donation to the department and as well as the funding of multiple scholarships. Over recent years, we’ve donated well in excess of $100,000.
4. Deployment of artificial reefs in the public fishing zone of Alabama
5. Contributes to the economy of the Town of Dauphin Island and the City of Mobile through the participation of over 3000 anglers and 75,000 spectators during the July tournaments
6. Research is conducted on site every year by the University of South Alabama and other institutions.

There are over 600 fish otoliths being studied throughout the country as a result of our tournaments. This research helps scientists to better understand our Gulf fisheries. The collection of hundreds of specimens each year during the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo saves both time and finances compared to traditional collection methods. Last year, research was conducted on the Redfish, Red Snapper, multiple shark species, and the King Mackerel.”

While the SKA shows the Miller Lite Mack Attack, previously schedule to take place in Pensacola, Florida in August, has also been cancelled, their website gives no indication of a cancellation and the tournament director, Brad Sauers had not yet returned my phone call requesting clarification at the time of this article’s publication, but I will update the article when I hear from him.

People love to fish and these local fishing tournaments, including those of the Southern Kingfish Association, provide a multitude of benefits to organizations throughout their community. Our local Nassau Sport Fishing Association is proud to be members of the Business Partners in Education, which contributes money to the Fernandina Beach High School through grants and scholarships. Various other charities benefit from the annual SKA Kingfish Tournament. The NSFA also hosts an annual Youth Tournament where every kid takes home a rod & reel. The slogan for this tournament is “Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs”.

I cannot imagine a coastal community without these fishing organizations whose good works are often overlooked!

Membership in the SKA provides 11 issues of their Angler magazine, decals, an embroidered patch, free classified ads and other little perks for $70.00 per year; a family fishing membership is only $90.00. More membership details, angler rules and their code of conduct can be found at the bottom of their membership page.

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Kingfish Tournament Parking Lot Closure

Kingfish Tournament Parking Lot Closure

Kingfish Tournament Parking Lot Closure

The Nassau Sport Fishing Tournament of Champions Kingfish Tournament is Thursday, June 17th through Saturday, June 19, 2010.

This means that parking lot “A” in historic Fernandina Beach, Florida will be blocked off for the activities.

People find it very interesting to watch the fish as they are officially weighed in so come to the waterfront and check it out.

Here is a bonus tip: If you have kids in your life, the youngsters find the big fish are really, really cool to see!

Here is the schedule of events:

5:00 PM Registration opens
7:00 PM Captains meeting at Fernandina Harbor

FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010
6:00 AM Checkout and the Fishing Day begins
2:00 PM Weigh-in opens
5:00 PM Weigh-in closes

6:00 AM Checkout and the Fishing Day begins
1:00 PM Weigh-in opens
4:00 PM Weigh-in closes
4:00 PM Public Fish Fry with Live Entertainment until 7:30 PM
7:30 PM Awards Ceremony

FRIDAY, JUNE 18 LOW – 8:09 AM, HIGH – 2:45 PM
SATURDAY, JUNE 19 LOW – 9:04 AM, HIGH – 3:44 PM

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Designing the Annual Kingfish Artwork

Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions, Click to Enlarge

Dave Brown has been designing the Annual Nassau Sport Fishing Association’s Tournament of Champions Kingfish Tournament logo for the past eight years.

He developed a part-time air brushing business while working with at-risk youth in Nassau county, Florida for 20 years. Designing shirts for charter boats, restaurants and boutiques, he always dreamt of making a living with colors and forms. But without any formal art training Brown wasn’t sure how to make his passion a viable business.

With the encouragement and support of his wife Beverly, and the advent of the personal computer and subsequent graphics software, he began to see a way and his vision of Blowfish Artworks became a reality. Dave devoted an entire year building a screen printing studio, equipping it and learning the tools. Since then the shop has grown and now houses a cutting edge automatic press and complete Darkroom. The addition of PC, digital cameras and graphic tablet to his artistic palette means everything is possible and in a timely manner. These tools have enabled the creative part of the process to flourish. He sees himself as an artist and a craftsman, his business has no employees, and he is a terrible salesman!

The name of his company was not inspired by a term of endearment from his wife. No, Dave has been a sailor his entire life and over time he developed successful methods of trolling under sail. His “blow-boats” came home with fish. To Dave it symbolizes the orchestration necessary to produce as “a one man band”.

Also, as a child growing up on the Jersey shore, the Blowfish was one of the few fish he could always catch. Nobody told him they were poisonous, so they ate them all. “Sometimes,” he says, “I think I look like one.”

Dave Brown is synonymous with Art Design for Fishing Tournaments. His relationship with a variety of annual events is an outlet for his creativity. “There is a strong fountain within me constantly bubbling with ideas, forms and processes. I relish the creative challenge and enjoy evolving the theme year by year.”

Red Raid, By: Dave Brown

Red Raid, By: Dave Brown

When I asked about his passion for nature he said, “To me there is nothing more beautiful than nature. The exquisite shapes, colors and textures occurring naturally in our world are far beyond my ability to create, I can only attempt to recreate.”

Dave’s studio is not a brick and mortar storefront, but if you would like him to make your project a reality, he would be delighted to show off his work and tools. “Bring me your vision and I will make it materialize. Through a process of communication and evolution we will get there.”

“It will take a few days to a week to create the artwork. Invariably I spend more time creating the design than printing it. I won’t print until I hear a ‘Wow!’ on the art.”

Amelia Island Bluewater Shootout

Amelia Island Bluewater Shootout

The more shirts you need printed the less expensive custom artwork becomes. There are no set up charges and no art fee if he is doing the printing. “I design for several major screen printing factories on an art fee basis as they do there own printing. The total is the price of the shirt plus the price of the printing. I like things simple.”

Dave considers it his job to help you get your image out there and while he does not print koozie cups and coffee mugs, he will help you facilitate that, whether it be a web image or coffee cup print, at no charge.

This United States Air Force disabled veteran openly admits to the rewards of having a loving family and fantastic friendships and you have likely seen Dave Brown’s art before. He and Harry, of Last Flight Out, have developed a close, creative relationship. Harry’s marketing skills coupled with Dave’s studio talents have created many gorgeous prints. “Take a look at his inventory!” Dave encouraged.

I understood immediately that Blowfish Artworks is more about passion than about a career when I asked him which of his designs were his favorite and he answered, “I’m pleased to realize that my favorite designs always seem to be my last ones.”

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Nassau Sport Fishing Association Kingfish Tournament

nsfaJune 17th, 2009 to June 19th, 2009 is the Nassau Sport Fishing Association’s (NSFA) Tournament of Champions in Fernandina Beach, Florida. This is one of the largest events on the Southern Kingfish Association tournament trail, annually attracting the world’s best kingfish anglers to Amelia Island in the northeastern tip of Florida. The three-day event includes a Saturday fish fry, award ceremony and other festivities. To register, or for Tournament information: (904) 607-4224.