2013 Nassau County High School Petanque Tournament

2013 Nassau County High School Petanque Tournament

The second annual Nassau County High School Petanque Tournament is Saturday, October 26, 2013, at the Fernandina Beach Marina courts. Everyone is invited to attend to watch, especially if you have never watched or played Petanque!

The Schedule is as follows:

12:00 (noon) – Clinic and practice for contestants
12:45 PM – Registration (teams must be present), and random drawing of team parings
1:00 PM – 1st Round
1:20 PM – 2nd Round
1:40 PM – 3rd Round
2:00 PM – 4th Round
2:30 Final Round
3:00 PM – Awards and pictures

Scores will be tabulated and the top four teams will advance to a single final round. The top two teams will play for 1st and 2nd place, and the third and fourth highest scores will play for 3rd and 4th places.

With the Petanque America Open being played in Fernandina Beach next month, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn why hundreds of people from all around the world are coming to Amelia Island to play this exciting French game.

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FPUSA Compliments Amelia Island Boules Accomplishments

Amelia Island Petanque shoot out.

etanque enthusiasts watch 3 champions compete in a 100 ball shout out

The president of the Federation of Pétanque USA, Ed Porto, recognized our Amelia Island Boules Club and Pétanque America’s Philippe Boets in its newsletter for their outstanding performance in recent years in spreading the word about this magnificent ball game throughout the United States and beyond.

Especially Philippe Boets efforts have made this French-Provençial game a household word in our community and it is gratifying to see how this has caught the attention of  national Petanque community.

Last month’s PETANQUE AMERICA international Tournament attracted some 300 players from around the world to our shores, including 3 of the World’s top players.

FPUSA president Ed Porto said this in the Newsletter statement: “Earlier this month, I was able again to play in the Pétanque America Open in Amelia Island, Florida (try this link). I got to meet many pétanque enthusiasts from around the country and see some world class players compete. Philippe Boets and his staff, including most of the Amelia Island Boules club continue to do a stellar job building further on our country’s premier pétanque event -with more technique clinics this year as well as a shooting contest among three former world champions in attendance. If you have never been to this tournament, I would encourage you to make it there sometime. (It is always held on the second weekend of November.) The tournament this year went to Belgian champion Claudy Weibel, who for the occasion had teamed up with Jean Pierre Subrenat from the New York Pétanque Club, who consistently has scored high in the past 4 tournaments on the Fernandina Beach Riverfront.

Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach once again was transformed into a Mediterranean Village where the sound of many different languages, the many different country and club flags,  added to the laid-back character of the game.
Mr. Porto also proudly announced that FPUSA has surpassed both the 1,700-member and 40-club thresholds for the first time in its history, including a record 400 new members in one year, especially recognizing Amelia Island Boules which club recently became the largest club in the USA with 112 members (and growing)!
Kudos go out to all who have made this happen in a short 3 year time span.

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Game of Petanque is Expanding on Amelia Island

New Petanque Courts in Central Park

New Petanque Courts in Central Park, Fernandina Beach

The popularity of the old French Ball Game of Pétanque is growing rapidly on Amelia Island.
Introduced to Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach less than 3 years ago by Philippe Boets, who moved his company Pétanque America from North Carolina to the island and started organizing The Pétanque America International Open Tournament that has brought many players from around the nation and the world to our island since.

Soon after the first tournament in 2009, we saw Pétanque Courts appear around the island in private yards and outdoor restaurants. Some of the housing communities are now making space for courts to play this wonderful game and even resorts are picking up on the growing trend.

The City of Fernandina Beach has been an enthusiastic supporter of the new game and gracefully provided a number of courts to the local Petanque Club down at the waterfront marina year round and has now expanded that support with several new courts right in Central Park on Atlantic Avenue.

Happy New Year from the Amelia Island Boule Club

Happy New Year from the Amelia Island Boule Club

It’s good to see this century old Southern French game take hold so rapidly on this island, which is what Philippe Boets already said when he first visited here in January of 2009. Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach just felt right. With the local Pétanque club already reaching 60 member players and scoring quite nice during the recent international tournament in November, the future looks good for the game.

If you want to try it out, the club plays Wednesday nights (5pm -) and Saturday mornings (8:30-) near the Boat trailer parking lot at the River Downtown, but don’t be surprised if you catch players at Café Karibo or Central Park or any of the private courts around the island.
You can friend the Amelia Island Boules Club on Facebook and learn about this sport for all ages or you can go of course directly to “la bouche de cheval” Philippe, who can set you up with the right equipment to join in.

Pétanquers Know How To Party

Second Annual Local Petanque Tournament-Amelia Island

Twenty Six Teams showed up for the second local Spring Pétanque tournament at the waterfront in Downtown Fernandina Beach Sunday afternoon. Lounge chairs, tents, a barbecue grill, drinks and music and the party started under a partially clouded sky.

Instead of the usual first 13 points makes the winner game, time was the determining factor on this afternoon, which was clearly to the advantage of the experienced players who don’t need to warm up. Nobody complaint however. Smiling faces all around. Philippe Boets of Petanque America walked around his usual self, making sure everyone was having fun.

The local tournament last year attracted 14 teams and by observation, all seemed to be present as well this year, except unfortunately our SearchAmelia team, which opted out this time, missing our brother and partner Thom. As life goes on however, I was happy to see that the tournament had almost doubled and many players showed that they had not forgotten Thom.

The BBQ was manned by a Petanque playing chef from the Ritz and the goodies coming off the grill were delicious. The atmosphere and ambience feels more and more like the Provence in France on a cloudy afternoon, exactly as Philipe had envisioned when he came to Amelia Island two years ago.

Great people, much improved playing from last year and a wonderful way to close up yet another active Amelia Island weekend with the Taste of the Blues party on Main Beach and the Spring Opening of the Beach.

Here are some pictures.

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon on Amelia Island

Two competing teams are all smiles

A Game that brings together young and old