Updates on the Eve of the 5th Annual Pétanque Tournament

Getting ready for the 5th Annual Pétanque America Open on Amelia Island

Already the 5th Annual Pétanque America Open Tournament, as the French Provincial (Provence) ball game has taken Amelia Island by storm. The local Boule Club became the largest club in the US, exactly one year ago and registration of the tournament had to become selective with only space for 256 players or 128 teams.

And as usual when space becomes premium, the quality goes up. And mark this, not only registration had to be closed 2 months ahead of the tournament (Sept. 13), we’re also welcoming 5 WORLD CHAMPIONS, who collectively won every other title in the sports -Marco Foyot (1992), Claudy Weibel (2000), Dylan Rocher (2012), Jean-Francois Hemon (2000).

The countries represented in the 2013 tournament are the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Australia, Slovakia, Canada, Great-Britain, Mexico, Poland, Cayman Islands and Switzerland and the States in the Union represented are Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia, California, Arizona, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington, New York, Maine, South Carolina, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland.

Since 2009 the tournament is played on the courts that are specially built on the boat trailer parking lot on the river in Downtown Fernandina Beach

The Program starts with

Clinics on Friday Nov 8
World Champions Marco Foyot,  Damien Hureau and Dylan Rocher will each hold 3 clinics. The latter two with assistance of Claudy Weibel.
One clinic in the morning, two in the afternoon.
60 minutes, max. 10 participants, $25 p.p.
Ed Porto & Frank Pipal (FPUSA) will hold 3 clinics, intended for beginners.
One in the morning, two in the afternoon.
60 minutes, max. 10 participants, $15 p.p.
The clinics are not simultaneous, so you can participate in more than one.
Part of the proceeds will benefit Eight Flags Playscapes, a new local playground for children of all abilities.
Participation is on a first reply basis.
Payment (cash or check) at the tent, before the clinic.

Player Registration 2-5pm

Opening Party 5-7:30pm with foods provided by downtown restaurants, beverages and Live Music by Dan Voll and Friends

Tournament starts Saturday Nov 9  for timeline program click here

Saturday Lunchtime Live Music by Island Vibe.

Sunday Lunchtime Live Music by Dan Voll and Friends

Sunday Closing Party Live Music by Island Vibe

TIP: If you don’t have too much time to spend this weekend, then open your calendar up for the SHOOTING CONTEST between the 5 World Champions sometime around 5pm on Saturday. We promise your jaw will drop!

Pétanque Tournament All Set To Go

Petanque at the riverfront in Fernandina Beach

The rough work is done, the courts are in. Thanks City and AIBC!

More than 260 players are ready to show us once again why Pétanque is such a marvelous pastime sport. When the Pétanque America Open kicks off tomorrow with a whole day of “clinics, no less than 3 former world champions and players from 10 foreign countries how flown in this year to compete for the $7,500 purse. On the roster are France, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Slovakia, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Cayman Islands and Morocco. For the first time in the history of pétanque in the U.S.A., the three European masters will participate on Friday in a 100 boules shooting contest, something you do not want to miss according to the Amelia Island Bound 2012 Pétanque Facebook page.

We already reported that in the past week the Amelia Island Boules Club became the biggest Pétanque Club in America, easily surpassing the clubs in New York and Fresno and still growing daily with new members, definitely underscoring Philippe Boets’ original thought that if you can make it fun, friendly and inviting, people from all ages, ability and walks of life will join.

Under the spirited leadership of Amelia Island Boules Club president Jimmy Weinsier, a group of volunteers managed to get the courts tournament ready on Wednesday night and the rest of the tent village entourage erected on Thursday.

volunteers for 4th petanque america tournament on amelia islandvolunteers for 4th petanque america tournament on amelia islandvolunteers for 4th petanque america tournament on amelia islandFinishing touches early on Friday morning, a gorgeous weather forecast and off we are to the 4th Tournament in as many years.

We are looking forward to see many old friends and welcome as many new friends.

Thanks Philippe, for recognizing that Amelia Island was made for Pétanque.

Amelia Island Petanque tournament 2012

Program for the Tournament Days