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Four Changes Reshaping the Real Estate Industry

There’s no doubt about it – the real estate industry is changing, and thanks to advanced technology we’ll probably see a lot of new innovations piling up in the next 5 years or so.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Understanding your wants, needs, and what you’re qualified to purchase will make the search for a new home or property much easier

Las Vegas Gambles on the Economy

Stallion Mountain Golf Course in Las Vegas changed hands in 2006 for $24.5 million; two weeks ago it sold for $3.9 million. Did somebody say that the economy has “stabilized”?

Advice for Bad Neighborly Behavior

Next week, children will be knocking on neighbors’ doors chirping “Trick or treat!” But we don’t all have neighbors like Mr. Rogers.

Real Estate in the Eye of the Storm

The domino effect is still fully in play and housing prices are on average still falling, effectively blocking the economy from recovery.