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Use Smart Phone to Shop Smart

The technology that we have access to now is just amazing! I have discovered I can use my smartphone to do some smart shopping.

A Frugal Blog Spotlight

Learn real money saving techniques from Jenny Martin: entrepreneur, mother of three and expert deal seeker for her blog, Southernsavers.com.

Florida Public Utilities Tips

Florida Public Utilities offers energy saving tips and suggestions that cost you little or no money to implement, but now…

Philly Boyz Facebook Discount

Here is an example of a local business, Philly Boyz in historic Fernandina Beach, stimulating our local economy by saving you money!

How to Save Money This Holiday Season

Celebrate the Holidays with Frugal Flair is an 80 page book loaded with delicious recipes, traditional stories and gift ideas to make your Holiday Season more memorable, meaningful and less expensive.