Using Black Hat SEO Techniques Could Ban Your Website in Google Search Engine

Using Black Hat SEO Techniques Could Ban Your Website in Google Search EngineWhy do people go online? They are looking for information and the internet is the most convenient way of getting instant outcome albeit the quality. Nevertheless, the demand for authentic, high quality and very informative content is increasing these days and the search engines like Google adapts to this dynamic changes of the internet users. Hence, it is of importance for internet marketers and website owners to conform to the ways of search engines.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO is the technique widely used by website owners to enhance their organic rankings. But it takes effort, right approach and integrity in utilizing SEO. Yes, there are “illegal” ways of SEO methods and these are called “Black hat SEO techniques.” Doing some of these methods can lead serious repercussion such as harming your search engine ranking or ultimately, getting your website banned. Hence, to ensure you are doing legal on the internet, do only the “white hat techniques”. You can check out Good Monster, a SEO company in Syracuse.

Take a look at some of the black hat SEO techniques that can harm your online presence:

• Cloaking
This is the practice of misleading the search engine via presenting various contents to the search engines like Google and then taking your websites visitors to different website or page than the authentic one after the users clicked the link from the search engine. The consequences of doing this act is lowered organic ranking or total ban from the search engines.

• Duplication of content and stuffing of keywords
One of the SEO techniques is to create high quality contents. After all, many internet users visit the World Wide Web to gathered relevant information. However, it is important your content must be unique. Duplicate content is plagiarism online. Keep in mind that search engines like Google have algorithms, which are always modified, to index original contents only. In line with creating contents, the important keywords (the words that are used by users in their queries) should be spaced evenly. Here, you must avoid stuffing the content with keywords.

• Exchanging links
Exchanging links can give your website lots of links in short amount of time, but with the new link scheme devised by Google, you may end up hurting your ranking. Instead, place emphasis on creating links naturally. The exchanged links are usually irrelevant and in low quality.

• Hidden links and texts
Several web developers utilize specific tags and codes in building website. Some of these are used to remind them about something technical and these are usually invisible to the users that check out the website from the front. Some takes advantage of these hidden texts with the addition of multiple keywords. Even if your intention is to enhance your rankings, you may end up hurting your chances because this violates the ethical techniques in SEO. Although the users will not notice these hidden things, the Google spiders will still be able to identify them and will put negative consequences to your website.

• Purchasing links
It is possible to purchase links and links are essential in rankings. The Penguin Update from Google was created to locate websites offering links for sale and if you tracked down with this, your ranking will surely suffer.

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Be prepared to face a completely changed Facebook

Is there an analogy with the Apple-Microsoft Stand-off?

Last night my wife mentioned that Facebook was drastically changing and she didn’t like it.The Social World was abuzz with critiques on the social media giant. Well, after today’s unveiling presentation at the f8 Conference in San Franciso.

Let me say up front Facebook doesn’t really care to grow beyond the 800 million or so users, no does it care a bit about increasing pageviews for ad revenues. Its priority has nothing to do with increasing revenues, that’s for later.
No, Facebook is all about emotion, or more precise, the loss of emotion over the years. Facebook has a spectacular level of engagement for many, but over the years it has become a must rather than a want. Many people these days visit Facebook these day out of necessity, not desire. They go there because their friends are there.

With Google+ openings bid at 10 million plus users, Facebook launched 3 changes recently, all designed to increase emotional contact, real time speed and bookmarking capabilities. But these afternoon in San Francisco it became clear that this was only the beginning, because as one observer said: These changes will make it so you know your friends better than you ever thought you could”, adding that software developers will be elated, users will be shellshocked (for a bit) and social media competition will feel like they were scorched in the social giant’s afterburner, finding themselves feeling ancient.

We will analyze the changes in the next few weeks on their business merits and keep you up-to-date. If you want to know NOW, here is a video of jubilant young new Billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg, as he explains some backgrounds.

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