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Another Death Announcement

The death of Common Sense triggered another death announcement… the paper book. although still early in the game, the writing is on the wall.

Facebook Alert to our Readers

FaceBook Alert! A malware attack attached to a distracting video called Distracting Beach Babes (Video) is causing havoc in the Facebook community.

Vertigo. There is an App for That

If technology keeps on, the iPhone will soon have DIY help for virtual every aspect of life and lifestyle. DIY vertigo relief is now an APP for iPhone.

Do I hate stupidity!

You’ve got mail! How intelligent is that mail. Not really but many people still fall for this absurdity.

SearchAmelia Switched to Cloud Computing

The cloud computing paradigm shift is similar to the displacement of electricity generators by electricity grids early in the 20th century, according to tech wizards.

Pope goes Social

“Reaching young believers can only be accomplished by being where they spend their time and converse.” according to Pope Benedict XVI’s message.

Rebooting Education

As technology changes the information delivery systems, education is the first recipient of its benefits

Driving a Car will be Different in the Future

While not every country has the wide open spaces as we have here in the US, the car is a practical tool in those countries. Now that there are often too many cars, exceeding the carrying capacity of a society, new experiments are paving the road to the future. Charges per mile driven is one of those experiments.

The Internet is Ahead of the Game

When Unity begins full operation sometime early next year, it is projected to increase internet traffic capacity between the two regions by over 20%, a wonderful boost to transpacific relations!

The End of the Dressing Room

There are many sounds and visions that define the 20th century, but few have made an impact like the huge suburban shopping malls and the all encompassing rumble of an approaching Abrams tank.