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Talbot Critters for October 2010

Join a park ranger to learn about critters that inhabit the natural communities of the undeveloped barrier islands of NE Florida.

Talbot Critters September 2010

Join a park ranger to learn about the many common species that inhabit the undeveloped barrier islands of northeast Florida.

Water Moccasin Dangers

My mother’s recent encounter with a water moccasin prompted this reminder about the danger of this water snake.

Envirovet Comes to White Oak

Envirovet is a program at White Oak Conservation Center in Florida and hosts veterinarians, vet students and wildlife biologists.

White Oak Tours

The Mouth of Amelia has tippied us off to another White Oak Conservation Center tour offering this Sunday.

Sunset with the Birds

Join the Amelia Island Plantation’s Nature Center for a spectacular sunset and watch the birds settle in for the night.

White Oak Conservation Center Fundraiser

White Oak Conservation Center, a wildlife research facility in Nassau County, Florida, is hosting a funraising adventure, “A Celebration of White Oak” on Sunday, March 7, from noon to 4:00 PM.

Manatee Season Arrives

It is peak manatee season at Blue Spring State Park in FL. Each day more manatees head to the park to keep warm. When the St. John’s River goes below 68 degrees, it is too cold for manatees.

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day is a real holiday and I set out to understand why we should celebrate these vermin.