Tires and Maintenance
Tires and Maintenance

So, we’ve all been told a million times how important it is to take care of your car tires, but few of us ever do. Be honest, when was the last time you ever paid any attention to your tires, or would know what your looking for even if you did? It’s OK if your answer is “never” and “I don’t have a clue” as that is the normal answer by most drivers today. However by doing just a little routine maintenance you can save yourself lots of grief and tons of money.

Recently my daughter, whom I love dearly and consider a very intelligent person, told me that one of her tires is making a funny sound and looses air pressure. Her vehicle is Toyota FJ Cruiser that sees only the jungles of asphalt paved roads and for the most part is well taken care of.

Upon inspecting her tire I find several plugs that had been applied of the past 50 or so thousand miles and now the tire is making a very odd sound once it was rotated. The tire was removed from the rim resulting in lots of shredded rubber and steel belts as a result of a nine inch paddle drill bit that managed to find its way into the tire. Now with one tire completely destroyed and irreparable, the technician and I did a through examination of the remaining three tires. All were in poor shape (as I expected nothing less stranded in the parking lot of a tire store) and in desperate need of replacement as well. After receiving the $800.00 invoice for said work the technician took me out to the vehicle to show me what could be done to increase the life of the tires and to amplify their safety.

First he recommended checking the tire pressure at least twice a month. The tire correct tire pressure ratings are imprinted on every tire near the lip of the rim and will show both cold and hot tire pressure ratings. Next is to rotate your tires every 3-5 thousand miles. This is done by switching the front tire with the rear tire on the same side of the vehicle and can be done by any competent person with a jack and lug tool. Lastly was keeping the front end of your vehicle properly align. A vehicle that is out of alignment will cause excessive wear on the cars tires and could be a real safety hazard if the tire should blow due to this issue. I thanked the technician for his time and his good advice. I feel that all drivers should know these important points, not only from a money savings standpoint but a safety position as well.

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