Tarot, Palm or Crystal Ball Psychic Readings

Tarot, Palm or Crystal Ball Psychic Readings

Tarot, Palm or Crystal Ball Psychic Readings

Linda Johns has been reading Tarot, palms and crystal balls for over 17 years. People from all walks of life seek her expertise to harness information about their business, finances, love life or health. Spiritual revelations become reminders of your past, help you understand the present and unveil clues to your future. Psychic Readings by Linda will help you unravel the mysteries in your life.

The Tarot Card is believed to have been around as early as the 1300’s, but researchers have difficulty agreeing on the true origin of this specially designed deck of cards. When the 18th century rolled around, the cards took on more of a more spiritual guidance role read by mystics trained in the art. The cards are used exclusively by one owner who keeps them carefully protected.

Palm readings are done by those trained in knowing the lines of the palm and what part of your life they represent. The lines cover life, heart, head and fate and are examined closely for clues to your past, present and future. The shape of your hand, the length of your fingers and the lines in your palm reveal a person’s character or fortune. Rooted in Indian astrology, palm reading is often associated with gypsies and carnival fortune-telling.

Crystals used in divination can be traced back to the Druids in 2000 BC. This ancient art of seeing into the future has been passed down through the many generations of seers, psychics and fortune tellers. Crystal gazers or seers may not always see images inside of the crystals, often the crystal is used as a way to clear their mind leaving it open to receive psychic information.

Some of Linda’s clients are faithful to the ancient arts and other customers come in for readings out of curiosity or for entertainment purposes. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or are just curious about these phenomena, stop by her studio in the yellow house at 227 South 8th Street as you head towards the historic district in Fernandina Beach or give Linda a call at (904) 444-8927. Don’t bother to mention you saw her ad on SearchAmelia.com, she’ll already know!

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  • I did not believe in fortune teller's until about six ago, I visited one down state with a friend. She read my fortune and knew things about me that was shocking. What she told me about my future actually came ture. I am a believer now and think I will visit Linda.

  • It is not an unknown fact that many of the world's greatest leaders have consulted psychics at one point or another.
    Being of cynical descent I have always smiled on the superstitious habits of people, but got corrected a couple of years ago when a person very close to me with a hugely complicated life, got dissected into perfection by a psychic who then proceeded to give clues about the future that have all materialized without fail. A sobering and sometimes unnerving experience. So much actually that I still need to pick up the courage to go and consult one myself.

  • I bet Tiger Woods wishes he would have consulted Linda before giving his canned speech to the media on Feb. 19th!

  • I bet Tiger Woods wishes he would have consulted Linda before giving his canned speech to the media on Feb. 19th!

  • I prefer consulting an online psychic. I feel weird going into a room with a person that might be knowing some of my darkest secrets. With online psychic readings I have nothing to be ashamed of as the person I chat with doesn't know me or my family so they can't even try to guess something about me from the way I look or act.

  • thanks,for the comment, good one hi5 lolol…I just now seeing your comment..today it for like 6 months ago….

  • yes online psychics R good and if you need one i have a good Friend she on keen her name on keen is http://www.KEEN.COM/ELAINAPSYCHIC…..ty... god bless you =)

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