The Difference Between a Successful and Unsuccessful Business Owner

There are many reasons we could come up with, but at the end of the day there is only one person to shoulder the blame for an unsuccessful business, the owner.

What kind of business owner are you?

What kind of business owner are you?

Just what is the difference between a successful business owner and an unsuccessful one? Perhaps they are selling the wrong type of goods or marketing in the wrong way to the wrong customer base. There are many reasons we could come up with, but at the end of the day there is only one person to shoulder the blame for an unsuccessful business, the owner.

If the business is trying to sell a product that is not suitable for the region then who is at fault? The owner is. If the marketing plan needs to be polished up a bit, who would be responsible? The owner is. If new ideas need to be implemented in order to beef up the bottom line and it isn’t, who is a fault? The owner is at fault. You see, it really doesn’t matter what the problem is or how it needs to be addressed, it is the responsibility of you, the owner to see to it things are followed through to make your business successful.

We as business owners wake every day meeting the challenges that some see as overwhelming, some just finally throw up their hands in defeat and simply walk away. Others wake up and face those challenges with a determination that failing is simply not the answer and refuse to accept it.

Being a business owner to me is a like being a champion athlete, training daily for one purpose, to win. Prepare yourself to compete against the very best, and still come out on top. This is exactly what we do as business owners, at least the ones who are successful. For many years people have studied why some people are successful and others are not. The Russians developed a concept known as anthropomaximology in which they try to answer the question of why some individuals outperform others.

Professional athletes will tell you that they visualize themselves winning. They actually can see themselves receiving that gold medal, hitting that home run or making that touch down. Folks, this is exactly what you and I, as business owners should be doing on a daily bases. When was the last time you actually visualized yourself making that big sale? Can you see yourself going to the bank and making that deposit? If you can’t, or haven’t – then I suggest you get started, today! You are as you see yourself, if you see yourself and your business as successful then you will be. If you have doubts that you are going to make it, then the chances of you making it will be slim.

You and you alone are responsible for the successes or failures of your business. You are the coach, the offense and the defensive team. You are the total team! Visualize your business and what it is going to look like in the future, you may be shocked at what you see.

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